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Heal for 15% of your maximum Health per second while using Billow.
Fan the Flames
Reduce the Cooldown of Billow by 20-100% after getting a Killing Blow.
Regenerate 2 Ammo every 0.5s for 0.5-2.5s after activating Billow.
Reduce the Cooldown of Whirl by 1-5s after using Billow.
Reduce the Cooldown of Counter by 15-75% after successfully hitting an enemy with Counter.
Master Stance
Reduce the Cooldown of Whirl by 1-5s after successfully hitting an enemy with Counter.


SMOLDER is very GREAT with this loadout , if you don't want to play smolder or you hate that talent . you can just replace it with YOMI or GUILLOTINE.
so , as the title says , this loadout focuses ONLY on cool down reduction which can be OP + chrono. let's say why these cards must be used in this loadout :
Why FAN THE FLAMES? : so as you know this is main card for this loadout since talent is SMOLDER , but if you have YOMI or GUILLOTINE , you can pick any card instead of EMBERS and FAN THE FLAMES (but i recommend change the MASTER STANCE level from 3 to 4 - replace EMBERS with FOOT WORK level 3 - replace FAN THE FLAMES with KINDLING level 1)
Why EMBERS? & Why HIDEOUT? : these 2 cards combined with FAN THE FLAMES will buff your billow and can be really good/helpful since with any kill you can get health + ammo + cd on whirl (added EMBERS to this loadout because this loadout was lacking ammo regeneration)
Why VICIOUSNESS? & Why MASTER STANCE? : these 2 cards combined together can be op , if you have good aim (missing no counter shot) and max chronos , you can do RMB + LMB + RMB + F combo attack (400 + 600 + 400 + 400 = 1800 dmg in less than 2 seconds ) and after doing this combo , with VICIOUSNESS and MASTER STANCE your cd is reduced a lot and its greater with max chrono , you can do it like there is no cooldown. means if you kill enemy with counter , your billow cd is reduced by 80% - your counter cd is reduced by 75% - your whirl cd is reduced by 4s .
hope you have fun and enjoy playing with this loadout!