[OB69]Commander's Grab Khan Deck(w/Guide)

by Mxxriooo
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Vortex Grip
Victims of Commander's Grab are stunned for an additional 2s.
Receive 6-30% increased healing while your Bulwark is up.
Gain 150-750 Health.
Hulking Strength
Reduce the Cooldown of Commander's Grab by 0.5-2.5s.
Close and Personal
Gain 6-30% damage reduction for 3s when hitting an enemy with Commander's Grab.
Activating Commander's Grab heals you for 80-400.


Khan,the new Champion is now my favorite Tank.His Ability to get his Shield up permanently is just so good!

[Legendary Card and Deck]
Vortex Grip:This Card is just so good because the Ability to stun someone for 2s is just so awesome,the person who's stunned will get tons of DMG.

Hopeguard(3):Getting your Shield up permanently is just awesome with this card.Get your Shield up when you are low on Health and you'll get tons of health with this card.
Platemail(1):A bit more Health,why not?
Hulking Strength(4):Try to use your Commander's Grab as fast as possible again to stun enemies and kill them really fast.
Close and Personal(3):Getting a DMG Reduction every 10s is awesome,isn't it?
Chokehold(4):Heal yourself up for 320HP everytime you use Commander's Grab is just fantastic.

Items are all personal preference
Chronos:Drops the CD of Commander's Grip to 6.4s.
Rejuvenate:If your healer has issues with healing you.
Haven or Blast Shield's:Get's you a big DMG Reduction,so why not?
Cauterize:Focussing Tanks or Healers can be really good with this.