Offtank / Flank Term

by simoconfa
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Reduce the damage you take by 20% while at or below 50% Health.
It Follows
Increase your Movement Speed by 2-10% for each Calamity Charge you have.
Calamity Blast
Strength of Stone
Reduce your damage taken by up to 4-20% based on the number of Calamity Blast charges you have stored.
Calamity Blast
Hulking Monstrosity
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
We Can Rebuild Him
Receive 5-25% increased Healing while at or below 50% Health.
It Watches
Generate 3-15% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit with Massacre Axe.


Guys, with season 4 we have got a buff.. Nice! Now the damage reduction procs below 50% Health (before was 40%).

Gain charges and keep them!
This funny playstile works well only in really tight maps where he can get close to everyone.
Some card explanations:



  • It Follows: If you want to cut down trees so: 5/5 mandatory;
  • Strength of Stone: Damage Reduction cards are so good in this game so: 5/5 mandatory;
  • It Watches: The idea behind is that when you consume all of your shield with 2 axe hits (2.2 seconds) you can recast it. with 1/5 you need 3 hits, that is why I recommend 2/5. Without this card you have to wait 4 seconds before recasting it;
  • Hulking Monstrosity: Life cards are always good on tanks with 2/5 you can survive one more shot in general;
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Decent point filler, 1 point for free Rejuvenate.

Some tricks:



  • SHATTERFALL "RESET": This trick used to work better and with every CC that could hit Terminus with his old card with cc reduction. Now, this trick is not "outdated" but not as good as it was before. Terminus' shatterfall (F ability) will go on cooldown ONLY when he hits the ground. If you get stunned while you're in air with your shatterfall, you will travel the same distance but you will not stun or slow enemies, but you can use your shatterfall a second time to go even further. Usually you can jump in to Furia beams to shatterfall in to their backline and kill the furia, or you can use this shatterfall "reset" to run away from Inara ultimates or BK Ultimates, using your shatterfall in to your backline direction so that, when the stun ends, you can simply run away and shatterfall a second time. This trick is very risky because you will still get damaged, so it has better use if you have still around 3500/3200 HP and some resilience.
  • SIPHON THROUGH WALLS: You can basically use your siphon through walls: if you facing one and use your Q, it will go through it and absorb the damage that is going on that wall. It works on the same way if you only peak your siphon off the wall because it goes a bit further. You can simply go behind a wall, use your siphon and absorb a skye ult without getting damaged by it.
  • JUMP + SHATTERFALL: Since wall jumping is a thing on this game, you can jump on a wall and use your shatterfall to reach high grounds like the platforms on Jaguar Falls or the high grounds on Ice Mines. If you simply jump and use your shatterfall you will jump higher either way .

-Unfeeling 1/5 instead of We Can Rebuild him (1/5);
-Wrecking Ball 1/5 instead of We Can Rebuild him (1/5);
-Necromantic Might 3/5 and Hulking Monstrosity 1/5 (instead of 2/5 and without It Watches 2/5).



Nimble - First and Second choice;
Resilience - It depends, usually is needed;
Cauterize - Terminus isn't a good cauterize spreader in general, but in this build can be useful, because you only hit enemies with axe;
Rejuvenate - It depends from the healer;
Master Riding - It depends from how long is the map.



Note: If you want to learn counters and other stuff you can look here: , tricks are copy/pasted from here because I am lazy.