Dive Offtank

by simoconfa
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Aerial Assault
Advance gains a 3rd charge and activating Advance while standing still causes you to jet upwards.
Reduce your damage taken by 3-15% for 3s after activating Advance.
Fuel Reserves
Increase the travel distance of Advance by 7-35%.
Reduce the Cooldown of Emitter by 1-5s.
Crystal Capacitor
Reduce the Cooldown of Missile Launcher by 0.7-3.5s.
Missile Launcher
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.


<p>Hi,<br /> after maining for a while Ruckus I have decided to make a guide. It is a champ that requires a very good headshots aiming skill .<br /> I suggest a Ruckus as offtank pick if you have maps with high verticality and/or enemy team has already picked Khan, who will not disturb you.<br /> I prefer <em>Aerial Assault</em> to other talents because it gives more mobility with an additional dash, and Ruckus gain the ability to jump on platforms/houses.<br /> Since his high mobility, he can afford to play far from team in very tactical places where he can easily retreat. For this reason, he is also good as enemy threat g.enerator. If you like this last way of playing I would recommend increase Dampener value and lower Crystal Capacitor. I suggest to not pick Ruckus against Seris/double support composition.</p> <p>Some cards explanations<strong><em>:</em></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Fuel Reserves : This value depends much by the map. Remember that if you want to dash on a platform, before jump looking at the wall and dash before going down. With this method you can save build points for other cards. In most of maps you will not need 5/5. I play for ex with 5/5 in serpent beach, because I can save a dash. In some cases you will need 3/5 in others 4/5. I will post my dash built depending on the maps at the end of the guide;</li> <li>Proximity : This value must be 5/5. Damage reduction is very important because usually Ruckus tries to play often against 1vs1 and tries to win. Since the cd of missiles is longer than dashes I would not recommend Metal March card instead;</li> <li>Crystal capacitor : Since Missiles is your burst damage, lowering cd is very good if you play aggressively;</li> <li>Dampener : 150 health card is always good on tanks;</li> <li>Refraction : decent point filler.</li> </ul> <p>Ingame useful perks:<br /> <strong><em>Haven</em></strong> : Bro, you are a tank!<br /> <strong><em>Blast Shields</em></strong> : Only if there is a powerful area damage enemy often on you;<br /> <strong><em>Cauterize</em></strong> : Only if there is an enemy healer (that happens at 99%). In that case, it must be first choice;<br /> <strong><em>Nimble</em></strong> : Not essential, but since it is cheap and Ruckus has no mobility (if you want to save dashes), may be an option;<br /> <strong><em>Master Riding</em></strong> : Good in long maps or if you die often.<br /> <em><strong>Morale Boost </strong></em>: Good option if you know how to ulti correctly.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>My points on dashes distance:<br /> BrightMarsh: 3 dash<br /> Ice Mines: 4 dash<br /> Siege market: 4 dash<br /> Serpent Beach: 5 dash<br /> SplitStone Quarry: 4 dash<br /> Stone Keep: 3 dash<br /> Timber Mill: 5 dash<br /> <br /> Test dashes in maps, maybe in some maps you can save Fuel Reserves card points ;)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>