Rock Waifu Super Tank 2.0 (W/Guide)

by FreakinFuzz
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Mother's Grace
Earthen Guard gains 20% increased Damage Reduction and now grants CC Immunity.
Earthen Guard
Sacred Ground
Standing in Warder's Field grants you 5-25% Damage Reduction.
Warder's Field
Reduce the cooldown of Earthen Guard by 0.5-2.5s.
Earthen Guard
Gain 150-750 maximum Health.
Rolling Stones
Getting an elimination reduces all active cooldowns by 8-40%
Stone Bulwark
Heal for 30-150 Health per second during Earthen Guard.
Earthen Guard



Inara has been one of my favorite tanks to play for quite awhile now and it's always been fun to mess with new builds and see how tanky she can get. With the release of OB67 we get to play around with making Inara an immovable mountain with the 15 point card system giving us more options to do so.


Card & Talent Choices


  • Mothers Grace: Can't go wrong with this card. This build relys heavily on Earthen Guard and making sure you have it as soon as possible. The added CC reduction really helps when facing "Burn, Monster!" Tyras and any other slowing effects. (This is the card I prefer to use 90% of the time)
  • Treacherous Ground: This is a great card if the other team has a flank that your healer might have issues dealing with. Increased radius helps the healer not have to get too close while the Cripple helps slow anyone trying to flank or push up to far. Giving your healer time to run and DPS time to damage makes this talent VERY useful.

Deck & Points

  • Geomancer(5): Earthen Guard is the bread and butter of this build. You want to have it off CD as often as possible to reduce damage and help your healer heal. 
  • Sacred Ground(4): This is another staple card for making sure you are as tanky as possible. Granting you an extra 20% damage reduction when using Warder's Fieldd is a no brainer.
  • Stone Bulwark(3): Since we're trying to use Earthen Guard on CD this little heal boost really helps. I sometimes find myself switching in an extra point into this. Its up to you.
  • Steadfast(2): Extra health is nice?
  • Rolling Stones(1): This card is nice to have but can be switch out for pretty much anything. I do have another deck with Standing Stones subbed in. Again, This slot is really personal preference.


Items are all really personal preference. What I start with depends on the other teams comp really.

  • Chronos: Maxing out Chronos will drop Earthen Guard to a 6 second CD. Can't really go wrong starting with it.
  • Rejuvenate: If your healer is having a hard time keeping up with heals it never hurts to drop 200 credits to pick this up.
  • Haven: Maxing this out with all your damage reduction makes direct attacks tickle. (Remember the difference between DIRECT attacks and AoE! If you need Blast Shields by all means take it!)
  • Cauterize: Not bad to start with and not bad to grab later down the road. I find myself focusing on Tanks and Healers that want to get in my face anyways so why not?