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Sight Begets Strength
Allies within range of your Primal Vision gain a stackable 125-Health Shield and 15% increased Movement Speed for 4s each time you pulse.
Primal Vision
Ancient Wounds
Generate 2-10% of your maximum acid after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
Dreadful Compact
Reduce the Cooldown of Hardening by 0.3-1.5s after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
End of an Era
Increase the additional Damage Reduction benefit of Hardening by 20-100%.
Triumphant Return
Reduce your acid consumption by 90% for 0.4-2s after swapping into Planted Form.
Form Swap
Violent Birth
Reduce the Cooldown of Acceleration by 0.8-4s after activating Hardening.


To be fairly honest I don’t see Yag can work too well in higher tier Ranked matches. You have to make sure your picks and bans are done right, otherwise it’s pretty fucked up for her. I would not say she is the first pick material in most scenarios.

Let me list out the top things that can fuck her up real bad in ORDER:
1. Tyra: You can’t roll away with Burn Monster Fire. Even if she is going Mercy Kill instead, she often would have enough bulk (with DR) to survive your push.
2. Cassie: Big Game can fuck you up real fast. Alternatively, Roll Cassie can keep a long distance from you while healing up easily.
3. Flying Enemies like Androxus, Drogoz, Willo and so on, as you can’t really spray on them.
4. Cripple Champions: Grover, Atlas, Sha Lin and the like. I would say Grover is the worst match up if he knows how to use the Grover vine bug to keep distance from you.
5. Most Damage class, and percentage based damage characters like Skye and Zhin.

I would say Tyra and Cassie are probably the worst enemy to fight against as Yagorath as both can deal a fuck load of damage and prevent you from running away while being able to retreat from your aggression most of the time with DR or mobility.

So if you manage to get rid both of these 2 champions (By either picking them, banning them, forcing the first 2 DPS picks) THEN maybe you can try to play her.

The general tip is to roll into your opponents, give shield and vision to allies, and leave the LMB pool as you hit enemies. Then start to spray away, best if in the face of their healers, trying to catch all of their attention. When your HP is around 80% start to hunker down to reset the next roll CD. Then continue to spray away until you are out of reach or someone is dead. You can choose to retreat with your reset roll when you are low. DO NOT PUSH when you are not full for the next fight, unless you know there won’t be enemies to block ur out-of-combat regen.

I would buy Veteran for sure. Your existence would take the resources of your whole team away from them. Try to not rely as much on your healer, tell them not to heal you unless you are being chased.

I would buy Morale Boost for more executions. Then I may also buy Haven / Blast Shield to raise the chance of success of the ultimate as well.

For the sake of the roll build, I would say take Chronos as well. More quills more reveals and shields and so on. Cauterize is not necessary if you are fighting with your team as they can apply it for you instead.