Salvo Burst Drogoz

by Mido
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Damage dealt when hitting an enemy directly with Rocket Launcher or Salvo is increased by 25%.
Increase the explosion radius of Salvo by 15-75%.
Reduce the Cooldown of Salvo by 0.25-1.25s each time Salvo hits an enemy with its rockets.
Hyper Boost
Restore 4-20% of your Booster fuel each time Salvo hits an enemy.
Heal for 35-175 for each enemy hit by your Salvo rockets.
Increase the forward distance of Thrust by 25-125%.


This deck is based around the salvo of drogoz, it will reset your salvo faster when you hit many ennemies with him, and it will do massive damage with his talent fusillade who increase the damage of direct shots with salvo or Rocket Launcher.

First, Decimate, will increase the radius of Salvo by 60 % and let you aim ennemis easier with Salvo to do massive damage and to reset it.

Secondly, Spitfire will reduce the cooldown of salvo by 1 second when you hits an ennemy with it, and this card makes very good synergy with Decimate, you will easily hit ennemies with salvo and reset it the most possible.

Hyper Boost restore 8 % of fuel each each time Salvo hits an ennemy , and with the radius of Salvo increased by 60 %, and with 6 salvo who hit ennemies you restore 48 % of your fuel, and you can with that, fly, use the salvo, restore fuel, and keep yourself flying.

Bask is a very important card, it make strong synergy with Decimate and Spitfire, with thus card you will restore 105 of heath for each ennemy you hit by salvo rockets, it gives very strong sustain and fast heal, and like I said, the radius of salvo is increased by 60 %, so it gives very easy aim + sustain + reset + fly.

Propel is a very helpful card , it will increase the forward distance of Thrust by 50 % , which help you keep flying.

With this deck you have to buy :

Chronos, to help you reset the cooldowns, mainly salvo.

Cauterize, to reduce healing of ennemies.

Life Rip, because it gives lifesteal from massive damages of drogoz, it will help your sustain.

Wrecker, if there's a lot of shields in the ennemy team.

Haven/ Blast Shields, to win your 1v1 could be a good choice.

Deft Hands, to reload faster.

Kill To Heal, to get healing on kills.

Have a nice day , enjoy playing Drogoz and don't hesitate to upvote the deck if you like it.