SelfHeal Goddes

by EddiePrince
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Leave a cloud for 3s that grants allies 600 health over 3s.
While below 50% Health receive 10-50% increased healing.
Eliminations reduce all cooldowns by 10-50%
Greater Good
Gain 8-40% lifesteal against enemies with the maximum number of Magic Marks.
Familiar Spit
Heal for 40-200 health per second while Magic Barrier is active.
Magic Barrier
Morning Breath
Applying Magic Mark to an unmarked enemy grants yourself 4-20% movement speed for 2s.
Familiar Spit


Moji is the best self-sustain flank right now, use this deck for increased survivability.

LC Toot: This is the most useful LC available because both Boom Boom and Snack Attack are situational while Toot is more impactful.
Boom Boom only works if your enemies are close together and Snack Attack only works if you get the killing blow.
Immediately cancel scamper to return into the cloud or run into corners.

Symbiotic IV: affects both self healing and player assisted healing troughout all the match.
Peppy II: reduces 20% of all your CD's with each assist or KB. It's more than enough if you manage your CD's.
Greater Good III: Gives you 240HP for each full mark shot and 360HP with Symbiotic IV. (Always detonate full magic marks, your damage will be considerably lower if you don't - Run a simple test in shooting range and you'll see that LC+RC spam is way weaker)
Cozy III: Usually gives you enough HP to activate an emergency scamper or to give the last blow.
Morning Breath III: You definitely needs those extra 12% move speed. It activates all the time.

TIP: Don't be afraid to get in the face of your enemies so you guarantee your shots will land while making them scared.
Don't spam LC+RC, this ruins Moji's 1k dmg burst.
Be a flank, go from behind and slay the backline.