Skye Tempo Deck

by Witchrite
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Killing an enemy resets all your Cooldowns and heals you for 500 Health.
Hidden lasts 1-5s longer.
Healing Vapors
Grants 100-500 Health over 2s when entering Smoke Screen.
Smoke Screen
Gain 5-25% additional Movement Speed during Hidden.
Tactical Reload
Eliminations restore 3-15 ammo.
Victory Rush
Gain 10-50% Movement Speed for 8s after getting an elimination.


Hello all, Skye main here and I'm bringing my personal favorite Skye build around. It is based around snowballing kills with Preparation, allowing you to stay alive longer while being a major threat to the enemy back line. Its play style is fairly simple to understand so I'll just get into card explanations.

Ninja V: This is the card that makes this build scary as hell. The bonus 25% movement speed allows you to chase down most characters with relative ease along with the safety of being invisible. Not to mention thanks to Preparation getting kills means you get a free re-cast of it which keeps you speeding around the entire map.

Cloak IV: Pretty self-explanatory. A longer Hidden invis means keeping your safety and enemy ragequits high.

Healing Vapors III: This. Card. Is. Busted. A 300 health heal wrapped in a neat little aoe invis. It's cooldown is also nullified by Preparation which gives you a little bit of self-reliance so supports can focus on the tank.

Victory Rush II: For eight seconds after an elim you gain a bonus 20% movement speed bonus. This bonus along with the Ninja V's 25% movement speed bonus allows you to be very flexible with staying in or dipping out.

Tactical Reload I: This spot is pretty interchangeable but I like to go with the 3 ammo off elims. Plays into the whole Preparation reset theme.