Soul Charge Madness. (Spamming your ult)

by Skcooby88
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Soul Collector
Each Soul Charge you detonate increases your Base Health and Weapon Damage by 2% until you die. Stacks up to 15 times.
Reduce the Cooldown of Rend Soul by 0.5-2.5s.
Rend Soul
Essence Rip
Rend Soul heals you for 8-40% more.
Rend Soul
Dark Whisper
Increase your movement speed in Shadow Travel by 20-100%
Shadow Travel
Nether Siphon
Heal for 50-250 Health every second while in Shadow Travel.
Shadow Travel
Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by 15-75%
Shadow Travel


This build has 2 parts. First, you detonate as many soul charges as you can, until you reach the max (15) health and damage boosts. The second part is just living. That is your goal, just live. Don't be a hero, unless you are good, then maybe go for it. Your main dmg source will come from your ult ability, buy the upgrade in the shop that gives you a 45% increase in ult charge, then just spam it out. Save your shadow travel until you need it! If you die because your shadow travel was on cool-down, you're helping your team to much. This is a very coward-es build. Try and be more of a sniper, then running in to use your ult. Try and find a good distance to still heal your teammates, whilst also being to out of ranch for the enemy, be around comers or in some random spot, try not to make your prescience known. You will not be doing the most healing, you won't have the most dmg, but your ult will defiantly help your team win fights, that's all you need. I DO NOT recommend using this build if you are the only healer. Do dmg, live long, use ult. That it what this build is about.

I'm interested in seeing more builds using this legendary card, it seems to have a lot of potential. I engorge playing around with this deck, I believe there is something more optimal, I'm just not smart enough to find it. Good luck and have fun. Also as a side note, this build may not be competitively viable, you've been warned.