Speed for all!

by simoconfa
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Combat Medic
Potion Launcher also Heals allies hit for 750. You no longer take damage from your weapon shots.
Pep in the Step
Allies hit by Healing Potion have their Movement Speed increased by 6-30% for 3s.
Healing Potion
Reduce the Cooldown of Healing Potion by 0.6-3s for each ally it hits.
Healing Potion
Medicinal Excellence
Increase the radius of Healing Potion by 8-40%.
Healing Potion
Heal yourself for 20-100% of Healing Potion's effect if you hit an ally but not yourself.
Healing Potion
From Above
Reduces the Cooldown of Weightless by 0.6-3s.



Since Combat Medic Pip heal 50 more with primary weapon and healing potion cd has been lowered we can say that Pip now is viable in his maps.
This build aims to provide speed to party. It is very good with Moji, Fire Fernando and Terminus because let them reach the enemies. It is also good with parties with low mobility to make them escape when players are in dangerous situations and there is lack of mobility/life saver. Honestly I prefer this build with Combat Medic in most of situations. I don't recommend Acrobat 's Trick card with Combat Medic because you spend much time in healing and you don't have much time to do dps. This does not happens when you use Mega Potion talent. If you really want to use Acrobat 's trick card, don't use Pep In The Step card.

Let's have a look to cards:

  • Pep In The Step : This is the key of the build. Remember they don't stack, so if you give 2 potions you will NOT obtain double speed. If you use this card this value MUST be 5/5;
  • Reload : This is another important card. Try to use potion when allies are grouped up. I recomend 5/5;
  • Medicinal Excellence : This is used to heal behind walls, heal from a very far distance and heal in the air, I use 2/5 but you need a bit of skill. If you have in team a Drogoz/ flank with high mobility use 3/5;
  • Gift-Giver : Nothing to say, 1/5 it is not enough. I recomend a minimum of 2/5 here;
  • From Above : Since I use much Weighless and you cannot heal with weapon behind walls I have chosen this card. Notice that in this patch Hirez removed in-air inaccuracy (thank you AoC). Also 1/5 is good;

Reload 4/5 (instead of 5/5) and Medicinal Excellence (3/5);

Ingame items:
Chronos: This must be you first choice;
Deft Hands: Since you use your weapon to heal, if someone is dying, you don't have potion, a reloa.d may be inconvenient;
llluminate: Only if there is Skye;
Haven: Since you are always flanked this can be an option (not from first ones);
Master Riding: If you die often because of flanks. Heavily suggested in long maps.