Speedy Damba deck

by Ryner
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Spirit's Chosen
Mending Spirits immediately Heals your target for an additional 250.
Mending Spirits
Swift Spirits
Increase the Movement Speed of allies affected by Mending Spirits by 5-25%.
Mending Spirits
Eerie Presence
Reduce the Cooldown of Mending Spirits by 0.5-2.5s if you miss.
Mending Spirits
Many Gourds
Reduce the Cooldown of Gourd by 0.5-2.5s.
Reduce your damage taken by 4-20% while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits
Ritual Magic
Heal for 15-75 every 1s while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits


Hello, maybe again with the previous guide I made, this one is all about hitting M2(Mending Spirits) better than Lian does with M1, it's not effective as solo healer however, use this deck when there's another support with you or literally no frontline on your team, or said frontline is Ruckus, cuz he ain't gonna stand on your gourd for the entire duration, trust me on that..

The Swift Spirits, Possession and Erie Presence are the essencial cards of this build, as long as you hit Mending Spirits you get massive value out of it, this is because Cauterize doesn't affect them, 25% movement speed is very usefull early-game as not many champions opens up with Nimble, you can prematurelly heal a flank and still get value out of it, under Caut 3 it helps in running away, so yeah, this is usefull, not that much for tanks tho as they have shields for that matter.
Possession card is to prevent yourself from dying to snipers and flanks any faster than you expected, regardless of your build, you want a minimun of 3 points for this card, add more if you feel like you're still dying a lot in a couple of matches.
Many Gourds is unfortunatelly gonna have to be 2 points, this is why this build is not reccomended for solo healer or with Ripened Gourd talent, Many Gourds is an essencial card to get those healing numbers going and prevent Frontline from dying too fast, without a frontline it's hard to initiate fights, so that's why the Swift Spirits card, still, try to heal whoever is at point or backline with it, on yourself if you're very low.

For items, nothing has changed from last build, if you're wondering, it's:
First item: Chrono, first buy always, even if you're not going to use gourd that much, the extra few mini-seconds that you get for your Mending Spirits does matters.
Second item: 5 options: Deft Hands, Haven, Blast Shields, Illuminate, Resilience.
- Deft Hands is when there's no pressure on you, so you buy this item to make easier kills with your stun, it can save you from a lot of bad situations as well;
- Haven is when you noticed that the enemy snipers can actually aim, still eventually you want this item as it stacks well with Possession card, do buy this if hitscan champions are giving more trouble than it should;
- Blast Shields is the same way as Haven, however is if there's 2+ splash dmg champions on enemy team;
- Illuminate is when there's Sha Lin, Skye and/or Strix, definitelly buy this if there's 2 of those said names so you can shoot back if they dive on you;
- Resilience is when there's 2+ champions with CC talents or ultimates, knockback also counts on open maps, this is to not get so much punished for being out of position;
Third item: any of the above, Nimble or Master Riding.
- Nimble just helps you overall, like to get into position, vision of your teammates, escape from trouble, avoid a few shots, keep up with your teammates attacking, sneak a some attacks in, just easier time with what you've been doing.
- Master Riding is very important in ranked matches, gets a lot of value in the start of the round or when pushing the payload.
Fouth items are just any item mentioned that seems to be needed for the match.

Does any other item outside mentioned ones that is usefull for Damba? Mostly not, green items are bad as you already have gourd and a good escape ability, Cauterize is only if you're playing off-support but there aren't really good cards dedicated for it, and without Deft Hands you're mostly at disavantage when trying to duel, Morale Boost is usually a good buy for a good ammount of champions, but in case of Damba, it is objectivelly worse than Deft Hands when it comes to CC(frequent stun vs eventual area CC), this can be only worth the trouble if your team has literally no CC, so you can use his ultimate to do a good initiation, but more often than not, this ultimate is mostly used to save someone or imediatly punish overextension.

Well, that's about it, thanks for reading this guide, I'd like to say good luck but there's no luck for green healing numbers, so.....good healing ticks-ish...? I'll see myself out, that was terrible.