Strix Tactical Deck

by Olefante (Strix Level 40)
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Unauthorized Use
Flare deals 300% more Damage, its Projectile Speed is increased by 100, and its Cooldown is reduced by 10s.
Cooled Mags
Every 1.5s your inactive Weapon generates 2-10 Ammo.
Quick Switch
Every second your rifle is out, the cooldown of Flare is reduced by 0.2-1s.
Quick Switch
Infused Crystals
Increase the ammo count of both of your weapons by 2-10.
Guerilla Tactics
Eliminations grant 15-75 Stealth Resource.
Escape Plan
Entering stealth below 65% health heals you for 100-500 health.


This deck is a tactical deck which makes killing a piece of cake on paladins. It easily burns Flanks to death, while makes duelling front lines easy peezy lemon squeezy, it also uses those kills to make stealth which will allow you to instantly gain your health back. It can really change the situation of a game and devastate the other team.

Here are the instructions
1 - If you come across a flank troop or a semi-close range troop, shoot a flare at it and then barrage it with bullets from your pistol. (If you are a good quick-scoper, feel free to quick-scope the flared troop.)
2 - If Kinessa or another Strix is on the enemy's team, sneak up behind them and flare them then start going to a distance and snipe them, if your a horrible sniper, just pistol them.
3 - When duelling an opponent, try to not reload and let cooled mags do it for you.
4 - If you have eliminated an opponent, instantly go into stealth and then leave stealth which should restore a decent amount of health.
5 - If you see a lonesome front line, instead of sniping them, run up to them and shoot a flare, then barrage them with pistol bullets, and then if they're still alive go in a distance and snipe them, once you run out of sniper ammo, switch to pistol instead of reloading then if they're still not dead, when you have to reload your pistol, switch to sniper and repeat.

Warnings - If any, only upgrade Chronos once.