Stupidly slick and broken Evie with Guide

by Fer-De-LanceX
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Blink may be used a second time within 4s to return to the initial casting location and the cooldown of blink is reduced by 1s.
Blink heals you for 75-375 Health.
The range of Blink is increased by 6-30%
Activating Soar generates 1-5 Ammo.
Swift Witch
Increase the flight speed of Soar by 5-25%
Killing Frost
Kills reduce the Cooldown of Soar by 20-100%


First of all, you need to practice on cool-downs and you will see that after you control them better you would absolutely have a beautiful performance

Cards And their explanations

FLICKER: Super op card, it can only be countered by cauterize but remember that you are slick so, why it is op? well, it is op because, everytime you use blink with wormhole you get the heals, not only one time, for example, if you use blink you'll get 375 health or less if you are cauterized and you'll get 375 again when you teleport to your initial point so, in total if you are not cauterized you'll get 750HP, You may be wondering when do i have to use blink, well you are an Evie, you can use it in nearly every situation o condition, passively or aggressively to run or attack

TELEPORT: Easy to explain and to master, when you use blink you get a tremendously noticeable and larger distance of teleport, and this is super useful because you are no longer an easy to trace target, most enemies doesn't expect this big of a teleport on an Evie, and this makes you super slick

CANTRIP: Have you been without ammo with Evie, if you don't let me tell you what's gonna happen, you'll be screwed, this card is not only a second opportunity, its a life savior to Evie, trust me, you'll not regret picking this card.

SWIFT WITCH: Super useful against some high dps and high firerate players like Viktor or Vivian, even Ruckus, this card makes you fly faster, its noticeable but not so long so, if you prefer to get the card that increases your flight duration its okay.

KILLING FROST: Its useful to flank and to be slick, everytime you get a kill you can soar faster waiting a cool-down, the cool-down of soar its not that long but, by the time you kill a player you should have it ready to use again, you can use soar in both, defensive and aggressive way depending the situation

Ice Block usage: Super important to know, you should use this deffensively in some situations like a Lian's aimbot, what do i mean by that? well, when you fight against a lian you should always be aware of her aimbot, and be prepared to soar and use your iceblock, to block aimbot shots, and you should always be prepared to use iceblock against some ultimates like, Drogoz and BK.

Thanks for picking this deck

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