Suppressor Mines, anyone?

by CreeperBen
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Oppressor Mines can now affect 2 more targets and Sniper Shots against enemies affected by Mines deal 30% more damage.
Oppressor Mine
Increase the beam range of Oppressor Mines by 20-100%
Oppressor Mine
The Cooldown of Oppressor Mine is reduced by 1.225-6.125s.
Oppressor Mine
Lie in Wait
After 1s of standing still, regenerate 50-250 Health each second.
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Heal for 10-50% of maximum health after teleporting to your Transporter beacon.


Hey there! Do you want to be the trolliest person in your match, securing a top 3 in damage while you're at it (provided you are good enough with dodging bullets and know where to place mines where it's hard to find yet can still attack)? Then look no further! I have playtested this deck and it holds up to my style of play like you wouldn't believe! With quick regeneration of mines, and an extra 100% reach thanks to Amplitude V and Generator IV, you can place these things a good distance away from an enemy, and you'll still hit them! (Note: a good distance is relative) Now, for those of you wondering why you would want an oppressor mine viable loadout, it's to troll and to be sneaky about your damage. Not only that, but you can also take a few hits and wait it out with this loadout. That 100 health may not seem like much until you are barely surviving on 60 health on the battlefield. As long as you know how to place mines, this loadout will gently take your hand and guide you in putting foes in their graves. -CreeperBen P.S: The final three cards, Lie In Wait, Headstrong, and Restore, can be modified to your playstyle. I just personally prefer to be my own pocket medic. Ciao!