Sustain Rogue's Gambit

by redapple777
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Rogue's Gambit
Eliminations reset the Cooldown of Pounce, and Pounce deals 10% more damage.
Gain 5-25% damage reduction while using Prowl.
Pounce heals you for 70-350 Health on a successful hit.
Walk it Off
Heal for 40-200 Health every second during Prowl.
Sixth Sense
Gain 5-25% Damage reduction for 2s after using Pounce.
Increase the speed bonus of Prowl by 10-50%


The main idea behind this build is to sustain yourself within the enemy backline rather than relying on friendly support for heals. This allows less recourse to be dedicated to you and more towards the frontline and damage champions. Your Prowl ability in this build should be used as a disengage rather than a tool to reposition or engage with, as attacking will end prowl and the gain in dr and heals from Featherlite and Walk it Off helps put distance in between you and your enemy and will make it harder to burst you down. However, your Pounce will instead be a tool to engage a target, sustain mid-duel via Savagery and Sixth Sense, additional burst mid-duel or to finish the target, or as a disengage, if things get rough and you need verticle mobility in your disengage or prowl is off cooldown. The Rogue's Gambit Legendary was chosen for the reset on pounce allowing increased opportunities to use of the ability from the cooldown resets its rewards on a kill and was chosen over Street Justice as you do gain new bust opportunities but you aren't rewarded for using it in the situations that this kit would allow and would benefit from and with Rogue's Gambit the increase damage and the reset on eliminations is not restricted(at least in text) by kills only achieved with Pounce so you reap the reward without a condition being active other than an elimination. Chase is mainly a filler card that increases your chance of being able to disengage with prowl due to the extra movement speed but is not a key part of this kit. Nine-Lives is not a huge part of this kit because I personally find with such a hefty cooldown it discourages use except in extreme situations but your 5th card could be something to boost Nine-Lives. I do not claim to be a pro player nor an expert on Meave this is me being bored and coming up with kits for myself and sharing with the world so have fun :)