The Ultimate Kitteh

by SneakyyHobo
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Vicious Assault
Crouching Tigron now deals 700 damage in a 20-unit-radius area on landing.
Reset the Cooldown of Crouching Tigron after falling to or below 15-75% Health.
Crouching Tigron
Rising Stardom
Gain a 75-375-Health Shield for 3s after activating Crouching Tigron.
Crouching Tigron
Flying Chakrams
[Weapon/Armor] Increase your maximum Ammo by {scale=1|1}.
Test of Strength
Heal for 50-250 every 1s while Combat Trance is active.
Combat Trance
Bragging Rights
[Weapon/Armor] Hitting players with Bladed Chakrams Heals you for {scale=15|15}.


<p>So. this build is pretty simple on its goal yet might be a bit hard for players to pull off since it requires a lot of mechanical abuse to work.<br /> <br /> Way this build works is taking the ability to heal consistently within a fight, which allows you to play multiple roles for your team. You are able to stay with the group dish damage and self-sustain. Or go for the flanks and punish flankers.<br /> <br /> Now the playstyle and how to abuse these cards correctly. We use &quot;Vicious Assault&quot; so we can engage onto units dealing with 700 free damage before hitting them and mid-fight going into &quot;Combat Trance&quot;. The beauty and i believe the power of this build is &quot;World-Traveler&quot; since it allows an aggressive playstyle to have a way out. The number of times you can chakram -&gt; Heavy Blade -&gt; Leap, and then proceed to finish the target off then using &quot;World-Traveler&quot; again to get out when hitting 30% is just so nice.<br /> <br /> &quot;Combat Trance&quot; is one of your only outplay mechanics you have, even if it gives you such amazing Movement speed and Attack speed, you should not use it at the start of the fight, but after a delay. We abuse the fact we heal so much of &quot;Test of Strength&quot; + &quot;Bragging Rights&quot; that it&#39;s just such an important cooldown and I would not spam this ability. There is justification to run the reduction of the ability however, with self-sustain and high mobility. Your kill windows are all timed and become a routine in and out before heading back to the team to heal and push for example.</p> <p>&quot;Flying Chakrams&quot; could be replaced by something else of choice/preference, however, increasing your ammo to 11, is actually such a big DPS increase + Sustain that I just got used to it, but willing to try other cards within this slot.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I&#39;m still learning the kitteh myself, with fun combo&#39;s and area&#39;s on the map that he shines on. I also would suggest &quot;Honed Senses&quot; or &quot;Pouncing Tigron&quot; since your ultimate coming off cooldown quicker tends to give you 1/2 extra uses of ultimate a round depending on how well you are doing. While Pounching Tigron allows you to jump easier to locations or further, however again this is down to preference.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>