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Treacherous Ground
The radius of Warder's Field is increased by 50% and it Cripples enemies within it.
Warder's Field
Standing Stones
Reduce the Cooldown of Warder's Field by 1-5s.
Warder's Field
Rolling Stones
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 8-40% after getting an Elimination.
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
Generate 2-10 Ammo after activating Warder's Field.
Warder's Field
Sacred Ground
Reduce your damage taken by 5-25% while standing in Warder's Field.
Warder's Field


CARDS: Standing Stones V and Rolling Stones V to keep up the field as much as possible. Steadfast II to round Inara off at an even 5k. Lodestone I to assist with some last minute dive clutches. Sacred Ground II because there's nothing wrong with some free Haven.

ITEMS: Rush Chronos and Haven to achieve max survival and Warder's Field uptime.

Inara's biggest strength is her big health and area control. Treacherous Ground turns Warder's Field in a better wall than her Q. Use your wall to close sight lines or split a point and survive long enough during a skirmish to turn the tide.

TG Warder's Field is also best used to punish anyone who tries to dive you. Any squishy flank or damage who tries to dive you will get slowed and pretty seriously hurt, making them easy to pick off for your team, or with Inara's primary. A Maeve in a cripple field is a dead Maeve.

If you're Tank v Tank pretty evenly stacked, you'll want to keep up the field as early as possible. If you're fighting with odds in your favor, wait for the enemy tank to get low to prevent any last minute escapes (I.e. Terminus' jump, Atlas' rewind, etc.)

Cripple is insanely versatile, keep an eye open for abilities you can easily shut down.