Undying Light

by Gboiie
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Solar Blessing
Pyre Strike now stops on and heals allies it passes through for 300 health every 0.05s.
Pyre Strike
Stoke the Fire
Successful Wings of Wrath attacks reduce the cooldown of Pyre Strike by 0.5-2.5s
Wings of Wrath
Light Forge
Reduce the Cooldown of Soul Kindle by 0.25-1.25s.
Soul Kindle
A successful Pyre Strike hit reduces the cooldown of Wings of Wrath by 1-5s
Pyre Strike
Light of Dawn
Allies affected by Soul Kindle gain a 100-500 health shield for 2s
Soul Kindle
Pyre Walker
Reduce the Cooldown of Wings of Wrath by 0.5-2.5s.
Wings of Wrath


         The new champion Furia is a well built fighter/healer. She can fight in combat with any foes while supporting her allies. She can heal you anytime and anywhere as long as she can see you. Her Pyrblade is the most exciting thing to use even how far the enemy is you can shoot him/her with buckshot-like gun. Above all, she can increase the attack damage of you and your allies which make her as a Fighting Healer.

Perhaps you are thinking why the title is Undying Light, well as you analyze this Guide you will know why.

  • Solar Blessing  makes the Pyre Strike stops to the first ally it hits and heals him/her for 300hp/sec. So you must use Pyre strike as it cooled down...
  • Stoke the Fire V reduces the cooldown of Pyre Strike by 2.5s for succesful hits of Wings of Wrath. Thus, whenever the Wings of Wrath is ready and Pyre Strike is on cooldown, use Wings of Wrath to reduce its cooldown (obviously)...
  • Ignition IV reduces the cooldown of Wings of Wrath for 4s whenever your Pyre Strike has succesful hits (for enemies only). Hence, you must consecutively Pyre Strike then Wings of Wrath then Pyre Strike again.
  • Pyre Walker I reduces the cooldown of Wings of Wrath by .5s.
  • Light Forge IV reduces the cooldown of Soul Kindle by 1s, so that aside from the healing abilities of Pyre Strike (if it missed) there is an on-the-spot alternative support.
  • Light of Dawn I creates a 100 health shield for every ally afflicted by Soul Kindle.

Here is what to buy when playing Furia

Chronos at a fully level helps Furia cast skilles faster especially Pyre Strike, Wings of Wrath,  and Soul Kindle

Haven or Veteran will help Furia to be on the battlefield much longer.

Cauterize so that you can fight any enemy in front.


[Extra Guide] If you are being Flanked just Cast Wings of Wrath then go Pyre Strike(and make sure he/she is stunned) and attack the flanker with all your bullets. The death of the Flanker is guaranteed

A kind UPVOTE  to this deck is acknowledged.