unlimited ablities

by a good androxus player
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Reversal now always fires back and deals a minimum of 800 damage.
Seething Hatred
Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of Reversal by 0.5-2.5s.
Power of the Abyss
Hitting a target with Reversal reduces the Cooldown of Nether Step by 20-100%
Abyss Walker
Nether Step heals you for 40-200 Health.
Nether Step
Through the Warp
Increase the distance of each Nether Step dash by 10-50%
Nether Step
Sleight of Hand
Using Nether Step generates 1-5 Ammo.
Nether Step


Power of the Abyss goes really well with Seething Hatred and the legendary card God Slayer. I'll explain every card in this guide.First, it starts with Seething Hatred when it is level 5. Seething Hatred is going to cool down your reversal by 2.5 seconds each shot from your primary weapon.This card will have your reversal back in no time if you hit all 6 ammo. Power of the Abyss is the second card that will will talk about.The reason why I choose the legendary card God Slayer is because of this card, Power of the Abyss. Power of the Abyss at lv 5 reduces the Nether Step by 100%.God Slayer always fire back at least 800 damage. If you can hit your reversal you can instantly dash.The next three card are for the dashing because you pretty much have unlimited dashes.
Abyss walked heals you 360 health of you use all three dashes.Each dash heals you 120 health.This can help you get some quick heals.Slight of hands helps you get that one last shot of you are chasing someone down.
Through the Warp gets you places faster.That's all for this guide. I hope you enjoyed this reading this guide and thank you for reading this amazing guide.