Updated Anti Flank Ranked Tyra Build

by Shadowpuppy
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Mercy Kill
Nade Launcher has 3 charges.
Nade Launcher
Primal Might
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting an Elimination.
In The Fray
Decrease your damage taken by 4-20% for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Quick Release
Generate 2-10 Ammo after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Trail Blazer
Generate 5-25 Ammo after getting a Killing Blow.
Locked and Loaded
Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.


I realized i left out some important details.
Burn Monster is strong vs tanks.
Unfortunatley tanks are also the hardest champs to confirm kills on.

Burn Monster also doesn't assist Tyra with flanks and, it also puts huge target on your back that says kill me or lose.
This highly motivates the flankers to focus you, and your only recourse is to out play them in every 1v1.
Add in the fact that the Burn Monster deck is fashioned around that talent you are not set up to deal with it effectively.

Tyra can do both, yes you are not going to hard counter a tank with fire bomb however, a flank is not going to hard counter you either.
An alive Tyra is a tanks worst nightmare, Killing the tank to die to a flanker is not winning matches.
Your just trading and in rank you are likely the only damage so your death makes killing the second tanks take way to long to win the point.
Your goal should be to zone the point tank away from your tank making that fight much harder for them to win.

Primal Might V
Provides cool down reduction and has massive value in this deck as described below

In the Fray IV
Provides damage reduction at a 16% per Nade Fired stacking.... 3 nades in quick sequence and your at 48% damage reduction.

Quick Release IV
Provides so much extra ammo and it pays off in finishing kills without a reload, ensuring you get the Primal Might activation...

Trail Blazer 1

Locked and Loaded

The key to playing Tyra is to zone the point but, you don't have to shoot on point. Just making space for your point tanks helps them and the healer.
Firebomb counters every shield in the game as well as Term. So you should hold your firebomb for two things.
1.) The tank is getting slammed and you need to make some space for them to live!!!
2.) The enemy tank has put up a shield and you want to force them out. Luna on point is another good reason to firebomb it.

Round shields like Barik Dome and Makoa, you just need to throw the bomb at the top of the shield it will explode on hit and fall down on them inside the shield.
Most tanks like to back up with a shield.
Throwing your bomb at their feet of the shield is not effective, look for a wall behind them and throw it at that so it spreads out behind them and they back into it.
You can use anything as a backstop, boxes, healer, clone, turret. Its not that hard to throw it behind them however, i find that its much easier and fluid to just throw it up at walls, to clear the shield, rather than trying to position to a clear angle behind them around the shield.

One of the greatest uses of firebomb is to zone an area of retreat. Low health Cassie shoulder peeking your team to death. Bomb that corner to zone her out for long enough to heal up, or force her to commit to the kill and dive out into the open.
Bombing a doorway that you know the tank wants to ride a horse through to get to point is excellent as well.
You can't jump a fire bomb with a horse.
They are either dismounted or they are taking a different route to the point. Its likely that you know what that other route is and you can intercept them with a
bunch of damage.

Cool down on bomb starts as soon as it explodes so you can get damage on several people and if your team kills them, You have another firebomb.
The extra nade's make finishing kills a lot easier.

Throwing a fire bomb on point
Marking a damage dealer
And Nading 3 times

Puts allot of credit for elim's all over the enemy team.
Its likely that one of these is going to die and reset everything.

The beautiful thing is the nade is on cool down as soon as it leaves the rifle. So a nade in route to kill something can get credit for the cool down on elim's.
So you can burn every skill you have and blow three nade's to kill two people and rerun every skill you have all over again.

Tyra with built in 10% life steal and that amount of damage reduction is really hard for any champ to deal with.

Life Rip is really strong for her ult, it will allow you to heal up on your ult. Especially if your fighting a tank with no caut.
You can face tank a tank with your ult and they have zero chance of killing you. Unless they ult as well.
I have Triple Naded an ulting Makoa followed by my ult and stood still taking his swings as i killed him.
The damage redution and life rip two made me immortal to him for 4 seconds.

Plus the three nades filled up my clip before i ulted, the ult lasted 4.5 seconds which is half of my nade cool down and when i killed koa i had all my nades up.

Cauterize 3
Life Rip 2
Nimble 3

These are the items i recomend...
Caut is obvious...
Nimble is based on chasing that low health target to get the kill...as well as retreating
Life Rip to improve your ult as well as make 1v1 much easier to survive early game.

The last card could be a allot of things but to be honest master riding is so strong right now i would recommend it as its cheap and you can get all these other things and still max that out for its full value.

Ulting the tank is pretty good but, i find that you should use Tyra's ult like ruckus ult...
You ride into some odd place that they dont expect you to be coming and ult and they all hear the ult line and start backing into cover only to find that they are backing into your fire.

You can also flank throw a fire bomb in front of everyone and ult and now they have two bad choices.