Vamprya Heal | Completed Guide.

by BlackCrow95
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First Blood I
Gain 25.5-39% Lifesteal.
Increase your maximum Health by {scale=25|25}.
Locked and Loaded
Increase your Ammo count by 1-10.
Reduce the cooldown of Fire Bomb by {scale=.5|.5}s.
Fire Bomb
Turn The Table
Heal for 25-250 after hitting an enemy with Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Quick Release
Gain 5-50% reload speed for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher


Hi guys!

Vampyra Heal: It is a deck focused on the healing of Tyra, every successful shot will cure us, can be used both in casual and competitive, usually used when there is no healer in our team, and there are no enemy tanks.

  • Locked and loaded: Increase the number of bullets, therefore the amount of cure we receive.
  • Survivalist: It will increase our life.
  • Turn the table: We will heal by hitting the grenade launcher.
  • Volatile: We can use our grenade much faster at the point, thus realizing the control we need.
  • Quick Release: With this letter we can have a "quick hands" included, and look more at the cauterize. Use it when there are 5 bullets left to shoot.

- ⚜ -
What objects to buy?
Well, this is always variable, it depends on our enemies ...

On the defensive:

  • We will have to see if there are enemies that perform an excessive CM, if so, we can use -Lighting- | Example: Bomb King, Drogoz, Grover, Inara, Jenos, Makoa, Mal'Damba, Pip, Strix and Terminus.
  • If there are no players that perform CM we can use -Haven-.

In the utilities:

  • Generally we will use -Nimble- because we need that extra speed.
  • We do not usually use -Morale Boost- because our special ability usually loads fast.

In healing:

  • We will use -Life Rip- with this we will have a very high life robbery next to the legendary card.

In the offensive:

  • Bulldozer: Will only serve against Inara, Ash and Barik (Turrets)
  • Cauterize: In this case, let's use it primarily to reduce to more than 100% the enemy's cure, this depends if the enemy team has healer or not.
  • Wrecker: Let's use it if the enemy has a Fernando, Torvald, Makoa or Barik (Shield) - (also breaks Vivian's shield).
  • Quick hands: as we already have Quick Release it will not be necessary.

- ⚜ -
Extra data:

  • Counter objects: Haven.
  • Champions counter: Makoa, Meave and Pip.
  • Tips for counters:
    • Makoa: The best time to throw the grenade is when Makoa uses his carapace shield, as this almost ensures his death.
    • Meave: If you use "Hunter's Mark" before she uses her special ability, you can see where she is.