Watchful Eye

by W8AS3C
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Your Stealth bar is consumed 50% slower.
Flare lasts 0.6-3s longer
Infused Crystals
Increase the ammo count of both of your weapons by 2-10.
Every second your rifle is out, the cooldown of Flare is reduced by 0.2-1s.
Quick Switch
Hits with Talon Rifle grant 1-5% ultimate charge.
Flare XL
Increase the Reveal range of Flare by 10-50%


This deck is mostly centered around keeping yourself hidden while you always know where your opponents are. That's why I chose Nocturnal as his legendary card.

Overburn V - A longer lasting flare allows you to keep track of your enemies for longer. Paired with his other cards, it should allow you to always have one up. This is especially potent when playing with an organized team. Callouts can allow you to disrupt an enemy push before they even get close to you.

Infused Crystals I: Filler card, but still useful. More bullets on your Talon Rifle is always good, and extra pistol rounds give more DPS in a close-range fight. Useful card, but really doesn't need to be any higher than level 1.

Resourceful: This is a great card when paired with Infused Crystals. More bullets on your Talon Rifle means you'll be staying with the sniper longer, giving your flare more time to cool down. Level 3 is good enough for this card.

Roost II: Semi-filler card. The extra ultimate charge is always nice, especially when you're being flanked.

Flare XL IV: All-around great card. A larger flare range allows you to see opponents better and effectively wall off a section of the map, as smart players will be wary of revealed areas.

Items: (With only one exception, items should never be insta-locked. Don't buy anything until you see what the other team can do.)

Illuminate - No reason to buy this card.
Resilience - Good if you are fighting CC-heavy characters; Inara, BK, Furia; Mal'Damba
Blast Sheilds - Good for fighting against AoE enemies; BK, Drogoz, Willo
Haven - Personally, my favorite Defense item. All-around great card.
Master Riding - Good for getting to sniping spots quickly.
Morale Boost - Especially good for this loadout. Pairs well with roost.
Nimble - A personal must-have. Great for quickly repositioning.
Chronos: Only really good for reducing the flare cooldown. Pairs well with Resourceful III.
Rejuvenate: Good for healers with high healing numbers; Seris, Ying; Furia
Veteran - Good for when staying in stealth. I personally don't use this card, but I see the appeal.
Kill to Heal - Good for fighting low mobility characters and squishies.
Life Rip - Pairs extremely well with Strix's high damage rifle. It comes in handy when fighting with your pistol.
Bulldozer - Not very useful. Strix's damage is much better used on enemies.
Cauterize - Must have. Always buy this.
Wrecker - Only buy if fighting Khan, Fernando, Ruckus or Torvald.
Deft Hands - Pretty useful.

General tips
- Always place your flares where the enemy is most likely to go.
- Focus your shots on the backline damage characters or healers. You can comfortably shoot them without putting yourself in harm's way.
- Never get flanked. If a flank gets the jump on you, you are most likely dead. Place flares on flank routes to slow their approach.
- Don't be afraid to ult. You ultimate has the potential to be devastating to the enemy team, but it is more practical to use it to save yourself. That being said, never ult when you are about to die. If you are being flanked, ult as soon as you see the enemy, then use your pistol to finish the job.