Omen Disciple Of The Abyss

Omen was in search of greater power — the help his family <b>deserved</b> — when he climbed a flaming mountain looking for wisdom like that of Jenos. Instead of finding answers like that of Ascension Peak, he was met with a void of silence from the night sky. Lost in rage, he threw himself into the lava boiling below him. Before he perished, Nyx answered the prayers cosmic gods ignored. She granted him the power to do what he felt the gods should. Now, as the Realm descends into chaos once more, Omen ascends from the Abyss to serve his Queen, joining the battle to see to the fall of Jenos and his home. Soon, they will all feel the wrath of a god.

Who is Omen strong against? Who counters Omen?
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Health: 2200
Speed: 360


Umbral Lance
Aphotic Reaver is permanently set to Antumbra mode.
Aphotic Reaver