Abyssal Fortress

by IAmWhen
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Abyssal Breach
Enemies that pass through Abyssal Fortress are Revealed and take 10% additional weapon damage from you and your allies for 3s. Reduce Abyssal Fortress' Cooldown by 2s.
Unbreakable Will
Reduce the Health reduction from placing Abyssal Fortress >30 units away by 20-100%.
Frontline Commander
Increase allies and decrease enemies' Movement Speed by 7-35% for 4 seconds when passing through Abyssal Fortress.
Forever Changed
Increase your maximum Health by 150-750.
The New Order
Gain a 30-150 health Shield for each enemy hit by Royal Presence's chain grab.
Royal Presence
Brutal Pursuer
Increase your Movement Speed by 4-20% for 5s after casting Rift Slash.
Rift Slash