Aegis - Main Build

by TheG0ldHuman
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Your Shield now uses a resource that Regenerates over time instead of using a Cooldown.
Safe Travel
Gain a 150-750-Health Shield for 3s after you use Charge.
Heat Transfer
Reduce the Cooldown of Charge by 0.5-2.5s for every 1000 damage your Shield takes.
Last Stand
Heal for 90-450 every 1s while Shield is active and you are at or below 35% Health.
Dire Need
Increase your Movement Speed by 8-40% while using Shield.
Running Start
Increase your Movement Speed by 10-50% for 3s after using Charge.


This is my main build for Aegis.

Safe Travel/Heat Transfer

These cards combo very well together for survivability. You can shield yourself twice in a short time with proper shield usage.

Last Stand

This card is always valuable for the sustain/survivability it provides. I recommend giving it 2-4 points.

Dire Need

This card may be personal preference to some but I find value with the movement speed for both peeling for my supports and surviving in general. For example, shield dancing and blocking a Makoa ult. Or shielding Tyra ult while being able to move under cover/move to my support in time before getting shredded down. Overall a great card in my opinion. I recommend 1-3 points on this.

Running Start:

My favorite Level 1 filler card. Fits well with Safe Travel/Heat Transfer combo. Move speed to get behind cover quicker and/or to chase down someone trying to escape with low HP. If you don’t want Running Start, other good level 1 filler cards are Cavalier, Hot Pursuit, Immovable Object, or Launch.

Recommended Item Buys:

Rejuvenate (Always)
Resilience (Almost always fighting vs CC)
Haven (Good in general but especially vs spammy damage or big bursts - viktor/tyra/jenos ult/etc)
Nimble (Good if you’re having trouble catching up with faster targets, also map dependent)
Guardian (I really only go this item if I’m running a loadout with the towering barrier card but I still don’t find it that great. You can run it if you want however if you like buffing your shield.)
Master Riding (Strong on big maps like Ice Mines)
Morale Boost (Fun item in onslaught or if you need faster ults vs certain comps with big damage burts - Bomb King/Betty/etc)
Chronos (Can be good if you don’t need another specific item. Combos with above charge cd shield build.)
Veteran (Never bad to buy. Good with Cavalier card if you use it.)
Bulldozer (Situational: If vs an annoying Ying, or Barik with turret talent, Azaan walls, etc)

Thanks for reading my build. I’m currently level 60 on Fernando and he’s my favorite tank to play. If you have questions or comments or recommendations about my build/guide, feel free to add me on Paladins. I also have Discord:

Paladins IGN: TheG0ldHuman
Discord: TheGoldHuman

Together, we are strong!