Angel of Death

by Shadowpuppy
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Mercy Kill
Nade Launcher has 3 charges.
Nade Launcher
Primal Might
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting an Elimination.
In The Fray
Decrease your damage taken by 4-20% for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Quick Release
Generate 2-10 Ammo after using Nade Launcher.
Nade Launcher
Trail Blazer
Generate 5-25 Ammo after getting a Killing Blow.
Locked and Loaded
Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.


PRIMAL MIGHT provides massive amounts of skill resets for any skill you use.
All three of Tyra's skills count for assist regardless if you kill the target or not.

IN THE FRAY cannot be countered and works as well early game as late game when cauterize three is online.

QUCIK RELEASE doubles your magazine size ensuring that you can achieve an elimination before a reload to get those PRIMAL MIGHT resets.

CAUTERIZE is mandatory, Tyra has crap movement and survives through quick killing to survive. Tyra does not do well in extended healing fights. She destroys in short quick engagements. Reducing healing is vital to doing well with her.

NIMBLE is vital as she will get hard countered by allot of champs like snipers drogoz willow dredge. NIMBLE allows her to avoid allot of this spam as well as making her much harder to pin down. Tyra is one of the faster champs in the game so NIMBLE provides quite a big improvement to her survivability.