Annoying MF Point Tank

by Countlessbugs
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Your Shield has an infinite duration and its Cooldown is reduced by 4s.
Dire Need
Increase your Movement Speed by 8-40% while using Shield.
Heat Transfer
Reduce the Cooldown of Charge by 0.5-2.5s for every 1000 damage your Shield takes.
Last Stand
Heal for 100-500 every 1s while Shield is active and you are at or below 40% Health.
Unstoppable Force
Apply a Knockback of 800-1600 to enemies hit by Charge.
Towering Barrier
Reduce the Cooldown of Shield by 0.8-4s.


So with this deck you basically have like 4.8s CD on a big ass shield. From 12s to 4.8s is pretty crazy. Imagine Shielding a Choke Point with a 4.8s Cooldown with Vivians and friendly Viktors and stuffs shooting behind you and you contesting. Should give you some objective time before your enemy rushes Wrecker.

You can use the dash to engage fights. When you are low get the Shield Up and get some healing with Last Stand 3. Lets say you are only left with 500 HP, and imagine having a Damba gourd on you when the shield is up. You can even stay in their face at times like that if you got a timely heal from teammate and continue burning them. Meanwhile, when the situation is not in your favour and you need to escape, coupled with Heat Transfer III, you basically are ALMOST guaranteed a reset (reduce by 1.5s for every 1000 damage, total health 5500 Hp, so 7.5s) on Charge once your shield is completely burnt. If your enemies kill your shield within 2.5s and you have just used it before Shielding then it might be a trouble. But hey, you can buy Chronos! Just like Half Shell to Makoa, having Guaranteed Resets is somewhat important on him too. If he can't make it out alive it is kind of pointless. So don't worry spending some money on that Hourglass.

Reason I think he can be good is because of the Double Support Meta. Having the ability to remove Cauterize is really a blessing when your teammates can throw a heal on you easily. I would like to play him when I got a sustain Healer like Seris / Io, best would be Damage Off Heal Seris, coupled with something like a Corvus / Jenos.

The problem with this one is, you are kind of being just annoying than anything else. You are a point hugger, and you get perfect escaping tools with Guaranteed Charge Reset and High Movement Speed in Short CD shield. But you hardly deal any damage when you are outranged. So try to manage your distances! Know when to go in and go out. He is surprisingly tanky, but with this build lacking the burst from Fireballs he would be more passive, which should be minded of.