booplord's pesky flank solution++

by booplord
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Reduces the time it takes for Grumpy Bomb to explode by 40%.
Grumpy Bomb
Reduce the Cooldown of Grumpy Bomb by 0.6-3s.
Grumpy Bomb
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting a Killing Blow.
Increase the effect of Poppy Bomb’s Knockback by 15-75% and cause Poppy Bomb to explode on contact with any surface.
Poppy Bomb
Increase Grumpy Bomb’s Stun duration by 0.1-0.5s.
Grumpy Bomb
Royal Decree
Increase your Reload Speed by 6-30% for 3s after using Detonate.


Sup y'all, here's my newest build for BK that you can try when he's actually not being banned in low ELO games :D

I usually use this build when there is a koga on the enemy team or a zhin. I feel like this counters flanks pretty well due to the fact that you can toss a grumpy when they start attacking and stun them mid-rotation, throw a couple boops on them and then they're dead. I find that this build also applies a significant amount of point pressure as well. The raw damage of grumpy bomb alone will put a hurtin' on the enemy team.

As for cards, check and see if there's a Raum or IO on the enemy team or someone that could stun you. I am pretty defensive and often buy Resilience early just to ensure that I'm not being stunlocked and killed instantly. When BK dies your team will lose out on significant point pressure and it is up to you to deny areas for the enemy team. I like to run Master Riding early a lot often, especially in cases where there is a lot of point damage like a Vivian with her ult up or simply that we have a bad healer on our team and I need to get back to point fast. You definitely need to make sure at some point that you take Cauterize or Wrecker, prioritize these based on the situation presented and the enemy draft.

This is a hybrid Boop build that incorporates Jolt for the sake of not having to detonate (F) two times to cross gaps or rush an enemy. This can also be used on maps like Frog Isle towards the mid push to snag a few easy kills until the enemy team (hopefully, for their sake) buys Resilience - then it's just simply a mobility quality of life increase for yourself due to reasons stated above.

Good luck, have fun. Boop often.