Chrono Sniper

by Psyqhical
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Transporter is now instant.
Hitting an enemy with your Carbine Rifle lowers the cooldown of Transporter by 0.12-0.6s.
Heal for 10-50% of maximum health after teleporting to your Transporter beacon.
Increase your movement speed while scoped by 25-125%
Sniper Mode
Quick Scope
Reduce the time it takes to scope in and scope out by 20-100%
Sniper Mode
Bob and Weave
Increase your movement speed by 27-135% for 2s after deploying or teleporting through Transporter.


The Chrono Sniper is all about self-sustain, mobility and making your enemies guess where you are while also being a threat on the field. This build is for the advanced Kinessa main who has a good understanding of the map layout in order to maximize its potential. Starting off with Reposition as your Legendary Card means that you can quickly reposition to either; secure a kill OR make a quick get-away from Flankers who are trying to flush you out. Combined with Restore IV (that heals you for 40% of your total Health) and Bob And Weave III (that'll give you a significant speed boost) will make sure you survive a Flankers attack and, if you're bold enough, allow you to Counter-Attack with your Carbine. Having Calibrate IV means that your Transporter's cooldown will be lowered by ~0,5 second everytime you hit an enemy with you Carbine. This is very usefull if you decide to Counter-Attack your Flanker after you have Teleported away or behind him. It takes between 7-10 shots (depending on time spent shooting) for Transporter to be off cooldown. Simply use it again to Teleport behind your enemy Flanker to confuse him further and secure the kill, making him regret ever flanking you. The last 2, Prodigy II and Quick Scope II are personal preference. Prodigy II for peeking around corners faster while scoped and it makes you a bit harder to hit and Quick Scope II to quickly scope in-and-out between kills so that I have a wider view of the area and assess the situation before going back into scoped mode. Depending on enemy composition, prioritise for; - Cauterize if they run double heals/one shield. (Grover, Pip, Furia, Seris,...) - Wrecker if they run double shields/one heals. (Fernando, Makoa, Barik,...) If the enemy team composition is running double heals AND double shields, still go for Wrecker and kindly ask your team to spec for Cauterize. Kinessa does an insane amount of damage both Scoped and Unscoped, going Wrecker will make short work of the enemy team's shields so your teammates can debuff the enemy healing with Cauterize. Other then that, go for Life Rip with Haven for more self-sustain. The less your healer needs to focus on you, the more he can focus on keeping your tanks alive. You can swap Life Rip for Kill To Heal, but I found Life Rip to save me more often than not from enemy Flanker than Kill To Heal did. Skaye is the bane of your existence if she can set up. Swap Haven for Luminate to counter her before she can poison you. Maeve is the easiest Flanker you can kill. You can normally hear her coming from miles away and her high jumps make her an easy target. Shoot her at the apex of her jump. Good luck.