Clone Bomb

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If an Illusion is killed or expires, it triggers a Shatter explosion, dealing 550 damage. Also increases the effectiveness of your Shattered Illusions Movement Speed and Explosion Radius.
Carry On
Increase the duration of your Illusions by 1-5s.
Spawn an Illusion with 20-100% Health when you swap to the spot of a dead Illusion.
Dimensional Link
Spring Bloom
Reduce the Cooldown of Illusion by 0.5-2.5s when an Illusion dies to an enemy.
Spring Forward
Increase the duration of Dimensional Link by 0.7-3.5s.
Dimensional Link
Heal for 13-65% of the damage dealt by Shatter.


Must use resonance for this build. It works best on point maps holding zones, or siege maps. Basically anywhere you can reliably have enemies grouped up.
This requires some setup, but should do 2000+ damage if you get it right. Here are the steps.
Step 1. Send in 2 illusions, they must die either by an enemy, or exploding on them. Basically as close as you can get them to the enemy. (You can send in 3 if time permits, but it's a lot harder to pull off successfully)
Note: Each of the dead illusions leaves behind a marker where they die, that lasts for a few seconds. These can be used by Dimensional Link as teleport locations.
Step 2. Place an illusion as close to the battlefield as you can make it, then teleport to where one of your illusions just died. Immediately, turn and face your other illusion's death spot, and teleport there, then back to your starting location. A full HP illusion will have been generated at each of those locations, plus the one you placed down before teleporting.
Step 3. By this time your Illusion cool down should have finished, so place down a second (the cap on how many illusions you can have active at once is 2, but illusions generated by rewind don't count, getting you at least one extra if you do it right, up to 3 if you don't get disoriented while teleporting.
Step 4. Activate Shatter, this is the first and only time you do so, or else your cool down will start and your illusions won't get far before expiring. If you do this correctly, you should get a 2200 splash damage burst on (multiplied by the number of enemies grouped on the area your illusions targeted. Theoretically, if all 5 enemies are there, you would get an estimated 11,000 damage if every one of your clones hit. It would be a 7-10 second cooldown before you can do it again.

A word of advice would be to position your starting location behind a wall just outside of battle, and spawn your illusions from where your enemies can't see you, and can't hit you. The actual time it would take to do the entire strategy (aside from setup) I would estimate to be around 3 seconds, as I can say after having perfected it. You are completely vulnerable when you teleport, as you will be going directly into a group of enemies. Spam your F to get out of there as fast as possible, and let your clones do the rest.