Crippling Depression

by BoltThrowerr
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Show Of Force
Rift Slash Cripples enemies it hits for 1.25s, and the resulting Abyssal Rift lasts 1s longer.
Abyssal Authority
Increase the radius of Royal Presence's Poison aura by 20-100%.
Center Of Combat
Increase the max health damage of Royal Presence's Poison aura by 2-10%.
Royal Presence
World Torn Asunder
Increase the speed Rift Slash travels at by 20-100%.
Rift Slash
The Little Things
Reduce the Cooldown of Rift Slash by 0.2-1s, up to a max reduction of 5s, when hitting enemies with Realm Breaker.
True Freedom
You can miss 1-5s.


For when there's a lot of value in crippling enemies, as well as poison damage. World Torn Asunder makes it easier to hit your rift on longer range targets, and since only direct hits will cripple enemies the slow radius doesn't matter as much.