damage/Healer seris build

by Nei
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Soul Collector
Each Soul Charge you detonate with Rend Soul increases your maximum Health and weapon damage by 2% until you die. Stacks up to 12 times.
Rend Soul
Umbral Gait
Your Movement Speed is increased by 8-40% while any enemy is marked with a Soul Orb stack.
Soul Forge
Increase the range from the main target at which Restore Soul's secondary Healing can target allies by 6-30%.
Restore Soul
Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by 10-50%.
Shadow Travel
Blood Pact
Heal for 70-350 every 1s while channeling Restore Soul.
Restore Soul
Ebon Dynamo
Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.


this is not a build meant for heal bot play the intended playstyle for this is to make aggressive plays while supporting your team with heals whenever it's needed

  • Umbral gait's  Movement speed helps with catching upto low health enemies and reaching certain key points faster
  • Soul forge is used to heal farther secondary target because you are playing aggressively you may notice multiple low HP targets to heal and this card lets you top them up quickly
  • Veil put as many points as you can for comfort, you may reduce the number of points here for other cards such as bloodpact or soulforge
  • Blood pact is a good self-sustain card but we're putting only 1 point because rendsoul restores a good chunk of health if used properly
  • Ebon dynamo is a decent card and helps you do more damage which in turn helps with ultimate generation