Harden Spam Point Tank

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Corrosive Acid
Augment your acid, increasing the damage done by Caustic Spray to 42, the damage of acid pools to 40, and increase the Movement Speed of allies within your acid pools by 20%.
Caustic Spray
End of an Era
Increase the additional Damage Reduction benefit of Hardening by 20-100%.
Dreadful Compact
Reduce the Cooldown of Hardening by 0.3-1.5s after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
Raze and Burn
Heal for 50-250 after hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills.
Piercing Quills
Last Efforts
Hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills grants 20% Lifesteal for 0.6-3s.
Piercing Quills
Deadly Pursuit
Increase your Movement Speed by 20% for 1-5s after swapping into Travel Form.
Form Swap


End of an Era 5: Massive DR during hardening. Also reduces hardening's duration by 50% meaning it's harder for enemies to dodge the 1,100 damage AOE at the end of hardening. (Card on paladinsdecks doesn't state this 50% duration reduction for some reason, but it's there in-game as of the current Banners Fall patch.)

Dreadful Compact 5: Great synergy with End of an Era. Hit enemies with your quills and get hardening back super fast. Pretty self explanatory.

Raze and Burn 3: Great for sustain. At 3 this card gives you about 900 or so health per second when spamming and hitting your quills. I'd love to have this card at 5 for about 1,500 health per second, but End of an Era and Dreadful Compact have more importance in the build.

Last Efforts 1: Also great for sustain, and great synergy with Raze and Burn. Card doesn't need to be higher than 1 because your quills come out faster than the 0.6 seconds until you lose the 20% lifesteal. So spam your quills at enemies and you'll heal for 150 every 0.15 seconds from Raze and Burn plus the 20% lifesteal from Last Efforts.

Deadly Pursuit 1: This is your emergency escape card. If you're low health and know you're about to die, go into travel mode and immediately activate acceleration. You'll sonic the hedgehog out of there in less than a second.

Talents: Corrosive Acid is pretty much the only viable talent for Yag unfortunately. Unnatural Persistence looks great on paper for this build since you'll be on point a vast majority of the game, but Yag's health pool is so massive you'll barely see the 275 healing per second on point. Raze and Burn with Last Efforts gives you way more healing and sustain, especially with the buffed damage you'll do with Corrosive Acid. Sight Begets Strength is garbage tier, don't use it. The shield and movement speed buffs for teammates are negligible at best, and it incentivizes you to roll around in travel mode all the time which is the exact opposite of this build's intentions and strengths.

Ultimate Usage: Walls that you can see over while planted, and cheeky angles are your best friends with Yag's ultimate. But my favorite way to use it is right in people's faces. When they're that close they can't damage you enough to drain your ultimate's health pool in time before they die. I usually save it for tanks that contest the point, and Tyra. Fuck Tyra. Tyra is your worst nightmare as Yag so focus her whenever possible.

Items to Buy: Veteran, Armor Plating, and Arcane Warding are your mainstays. Meditation if you have a shit healer, or no healer at all (about 2,000 health per second out of combat at max level.) And Rejuvenate if you have a good healer.

Playstyle: Bum rush the point and stay on point as long as possible. Use hardening when there's multiple enemies around you, and let it go through it's whole animation so you get the full 1,100 damage AOE when it ends. Spam your acid and quills when out of hardening to get your healing buffs from Raze and Burn and Last Efforts, and your cooldown reduction on Hardening with Dreadful Compact. Rinse and repeat.