Heal debuff

by Emzy
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Increase the range of Chain Heal bounces by 40%.
Midnight Stroll
Reduce the damage done by any enemy you are linked to with Spirit Link by 4-20%.
Spirit Link
Magic in the Blood
Reduce the Cooldown of your next Chain Heal by 0.1-0.5s after hitting an enemy with Sigil. This effect stacks.
Enveloping Magic
Increase the maximum amount of damage mitigated by Envelop by 7-35%.
Mystic Mastery
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Refreshing Break
Grant 0.17-0.85% Ultimate Charge to each player to which Chain Heal bounces.
Chain Heal


you're essentially reducing the damage output done by the enemy you are linked to by midnight stroll, you can assist your dps by linking whoever they are having a duel with to give your team made the upper hand, you can switch out the talent to restraint if you're playing as an off support and you want to be a bit aggressive with your offtank or your flank. 

WARNING:please be mindful of your ults thus you may intend to link an ally but it switches back to another enemy so thats something to keep in mind with whatever talent you're playing with rei. 

Note: you can also switch the card {mystic mystry} to {leipori prayer} the card that gives reload speed or {Aico Forces}. all depends really on your playstyle and what you prefer so feel free to play around with it and build something that compliments your personal play style.

Recommended items: 

- Chronos

- MoralBoost

- Haven 

- veteran