How to play Zhin !

by Shadowpuppy
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Spite deals 25% of its target's maximum Health with each hit and grants you Damage Immunity for its duration. Increases your Ultimate charge rate by 15%.
Blade Dance
Increase the travel distance of Whirl by 10-50%.
Reduce the Cooldown of Whirl by 1-5s after using Billow.
Reduce the Cooldown of Whirl by 0.5-2.5s for each enemy it hits.
Fan the Flames
Reduce the Cooldown of Billow by 20-100% after getting a Killing Blow.
Up in Smoke
Increase your Movement Speed by 10-50% while Billow is active.


I see allot of people using Yomi and while it is good, Zin in no way needs an extra 150 to kill people. Its only real value is killing people when someone is trying to body block.

Having damage immunity during your ult just makes it so much more valuable as you not only kill the tank, but most people are still trying to shoot you during it. And since you take no damage and are hovering above everyone you end up getting a no caut heal during it from most smart healers.

Playing Zhin is a master class in misdirection and confusion. If you go head on you will lose allot of 1v1 so the trick is to use your skills early.
This build has no healing on billow so the skill should be used early to avoid damage and reset whirl.

Typical encounter
Shoot Shoot Whirl Shoot Counter Billow Whirl Shoot

Now you dont normally need every skill to get a kill but the key here is not to wait for people to target you.

Shoot Shoot They have just come to the conclusion that you are shooting at them. Your goal should be to dash through them as they are turning around. Shoot them in the back and when they turn around again they shoot into your counter killing them selves a large amount of the time.

If you come up on a face to face you should
Whirl Shoot Counter Billow Whirl

Basicly you want them making as many 180 as you can get them to do so they are so flustered that they just shoot you when they see you and that is when you are using counter or billow.

The whirl distance is what makes this so powerful as you can close the gap and do damage while ending up behind someone from pretty far away.

Using the Ult takes practice but going to point and ulting the tank is pretty easy to do and if you do it at the beginning of the round you will probably end sitting behind a shield shooting a healer that is fleeing while you have every skill ready to go after easily killing the tank. Inara is the only one that takes some thinking is using mothers grace.

I have had tanks afraid to go to point to start the round. If this happens you are doing great things for your team.