It's a trap! Never die from revealed enemies.

by Olefante (Strix Level 40)
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Booby Trap
Your Sensor Drones explode dealing 500 damage when an enemy is within 20ft.
Sensor Drone
Crack the Whip
Gain 6-30% Lifesteal against enemies revealed by Sensor Drone
Sensor Drone
Heal for 100-500 Health if you kill an enemy revealed by your Sensor Drone.
Sensor Drone
Joyless Eyes
Increase the vision range of Sensor Drone by 10-50%
Sensor Drone
Plans Within Plans
Heal for 20-100 Health per second while Deflector Shield is active.
Deflector Shield
Eyes on the Prize
Reduce recoil by 20-100% while using Precision Sights.
Precision Sights


This deck will make Vivian extremely destructive towards anyone who enters the sensor drone radius. I use this deck and Vivian whenever my strix is already taken and by an average, I win 87% of games with Vivian and this deck.

Here are the instructions

  • Whenever you invade the mid-zone, place a sensor drone in the middle of the zone, then move to some type of hiding place and wait for the sensor drone to detect someone. You'll then have the upper advantage with the victim because of a 30% lifesteal, a loss of there health, and a dramatically healing deflector shield that in 10 seconds you'll get 1,000 health from.
  • If you are controlling or raiding a payload, throw the sensor drone onto the payload and then barrage anyone who dares to mess with you with a thousand bullets from your LMG. Don't forget to activate your shield.
  • In a deathmatch, Throw your sensor drone in the most active combat area which usually is the middle-zone.
  • If you are duelling a player, quickly throw a sensor drone under you, and then open deflector shield and barrage them with bullets.

Warnings and/or upgrades

  • (Defence and Miscellaneous)  First recommended upgrade that you improve in this area is Haven or Blast shields (Dependent on what your opponents are.) but overall I don't think much Defence and miscellaneous is needed.with this deck.
  • (Utility)  Morale boost is a highly recommended upgrade in this section, your two attack drones are extremely useful and deadly in a game using Vivian and any deck that Vivian has.
  • (Health and Regeneration)  Life Rip is a great skill to use for Vivian and automatic shooters in general while kill to heal is recommended for snipers and flankers. Veteran is not recommended at all.
  • (Damage and Weaponry) If Barik or any other mechanic is in the game, bulldozer should be a top priority and if Makoa, Ash, or if Barik is the only mechanic in the other team, Wreck them so hard they die with Wrecker.
  • Warning - Try to avoid duelling opponents with this deck, though we have a deflector shield and sensor drone to increase the chance of survival, a number of different champions can out duel you so try to use this deck in 2+ vs. 2+ people battles.