Koga remains the god

by Benerby
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Dragon Fangs
Dragon Stance consumes Health instead of Energy at a rate of 200 Health per second. Dragon Stance requires at least 300 Health to activate and automatically cancels at 15 Health.
Dragon Stance
Criminal Record
Gain 5-25% Lifesteal while in Dragon Stance.
Dragon Stance
Swift Hands
Reduce the time it takes to enter and exit Dragon Stance by 10-50%.
Dragon Stance
Harsh Training
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Regenerate 4-20 Ammo every 1s while Agility is active.
Guild Tactics
Heal for 160-800 after hitting at least one enemy with Skewer.


Hello, today i will share my famous koga deck that led me into many victories.
I will go over the cards one by one, but please note that these cards are fitting my personal play style, you "the player" has to decide if u want to run this deck

1 Criminal Record = This card is one of the most important cards in this deck, and i always have it at lv 5. Kogas health drains every second and this card helps protecting your health. With 25% lifesteal you gain 162 health every slash, you can fire every 0,5 seconds wich means every second u gain 325 hp. This means you can not only prevent your health from droping, but also gaining some in return. I myself always buys liferip with caut in the beginning of the game, wich ads 10% to my lifesteal, wich adds up to 227 hp every half second. Please note that your second ability shadow step makes it so that every effect on you (like caut) is gone. very usefull

2 swift hands = Speed is what gives koga his strenght. Being unpredictable to hit while also being able to do quick damage can turn tides in a fight. Personally this card + criminal record is always my highest cards, and not guild tactics.

3 Harsh training = this is just a filler card, nothing really special about it, altho some extra health never hurt anyone

4 Wanted = i used to just have a card for extra ammo, untill i found out that while using agility and this card, it actually gives back way more ammo then just the standart 5 in your clip. Wich is 4 ammo every 4 seconds. This can also be used while in dragon stance so very usefull in my opinion

5 Guild tactics = i see every koga run this card on level 5, wich is honestly not bad. But if u run this card on level 5, its gonna cost u the points i think u cant spare. This card does not have a cooldown (or atleast a low one i think) wich is great, altho its greatly focused on using skewer only. I run this card on level 3, because this card is really good after all. Just don't be one of those dash only trash koga's u hear about everywhere

thats all! good luck and have fun with this in the real, i sure have had my share :)