Make Luna a watchdog guard

by Countlessbugs
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Goddess' Blessing
Allies being Healed by Moonlight take 15% reduced damage.
Regenerate 2-10% Moonlight every 1s while within 30 units of Luna.
Guardian Spirit
Sanctum of Faith
Regenerate 1-5% Moonlight every 1s while not using Moonlight.
Increase your maximum Moonlight capacity by 8-40%.
Restored Faith
Heal for 10-50 every time you Heal an ally with Moonlight.
Spirit Arrows
Reduce the Cooldown of Luna's redeploy by 0.1-0.5s after healing with Moonlight.


Normally when you play IO you would throw the dog on point immediately. Now with its lowered HP and being Cauterizable, I don't think it is now a good idea to do so even with Goddess' Blessing. In my opinion, moments you would leave the dog away from you would be:

1. When it is about to be capped by the enemy and you need to stall
2. When you win the point / dismounting and no one else wants to cap
3. Maps like Fish Market and Ice Mines where it is kind of impossible to heal while staying on Objective

Other than situations like that just put it next to you. This comes with several benefits:

1. It deals damage. 2 hits for 180 each followed by a 350, just like a weakened Zhin. Your DPS is low with just the bow, but with the Dog it's a slightly different story.
2. It body blocks. In dire situations against non-aerial hitscan champs the dog can suck up some damage for you. You can also heal it for self-heal.
3. IT STUNS. It stuns the pesky flankers away, allowing you to escape or even killing them instead. It turns the table completely if you don't die from flanks.

Particularly for the Stun, it got a Cooldown of 18s (I wonder is it affected by Chronos though). If you put it on point and shoot the tanks with it, the dog would be stunning say the Mother Grace Inara for nothing and now the flankers are coming at you. But if you put it next to you you can actually save the stun for flankers. For me this is just like Furia beams. You get the greatest value of not dying, because if you die usually the whole team dies as well.

And now allow me to explain the loadout:

Protectors 4. Because you now put the dog next to you, this card becomes viable. You get 8% Moonlight every 1s compared to the next card.

Sanctum of Faith 3. Although I diss the card it is still needed. You may actually put the dog away from you sometimes, so having that with you is kind of needed too.

Moonwalk 4. Extra 32% of max. gauge of Moonlight. IO's strength with Goddess' Blessing is her ability to save a person with DR and heal. So keeping that DR on a single target is quite essential and you need more capacity for the pocket.

Restored Faith 3. Self Sustain. You can tweak 1 level off from other cards for more, but I'd say 3 is just right.

Spirit Arrow 2. You will be moving the dog a lot with my approach, so with this card you can spam the redeploy more often. Especially when IOs would not be buying Chronos like other healers this is kind of a good card.

You may wonder why would I use Spirit Arrow instead of Moonlight Garden (Grants 2-10% of Moonlight on hit). Well, it got nerfed so that it no longer procs on Shields :(
If you go against a Shield heavy comp like Barik and Ash you are not getting the needed resets with it. You would not really want to feed Terminus' siphon either, and shooting flanks for recharge is kind of lame (you probably die soon after that, or you get so low and would be hiding, and by then your gauge is full). For some reason I find it still working on Inara walls, so if you go against like Inara + Raum / Ruckus you may consider replacing Sanctum of Faith with it.

With sensible teammates you can expect to get huge healing numbers with IO. But with this build and playstyle it can help you survive better while providing more Moonlight reset.

For items, just buy Nimble and Defensive items. You just need to not die! Juke your enemies with movement speed and tank hits better with Blast Shield /
Usually the game ends when you get Nimble and Defensive Item and Resilience at level 2-3. If you really have spare money, perhaps get Kill to Heal or Master Riding.