Max Heal Lilith

by Chama16
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Cursed Accord
Decrease the Blood cost of your abilities by 35% and increase your Healing done by 15%, but reduce the damage you do by 25%.
Blood Cannon
Increase extra Blood Health by 200-1000.
Enriched Blood
Increase the damage and Healing of Swarm by 4-20s.
Symbiotic Relationship
Increase the Healing allies receive from Swarm by 4-20%.
Waning Moon
Reduce the Blood cost of Swarm by 5-25% while an ally is marked by Blood Hex.
Blood Hex
Gloomy Nook
Gain a 150-750 Shield for 1.75s after falling to or below 75% Health. Can only happen once every 35s.


This build focuses on making Lilith a healing monster, honestly you can replace Unholy Flight I with either Blood Sense I, Charmed I or Sharpened Slaughter I. And don't forget to use your blood hex (I recomemded to always use on your allies unless you are on 1v1)


I start the game by buying veteran and when I get enough credit I buy morale boost and then haven, I max out veteran and morale boost finishing with a flex item.


This entire guide was inspired by this video which is very useful she makes other videos about other supports so I recomend watching them if you are a support main and again don't forget to use your blood hex ;).