by TheGodzlayer_xX
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Relentless Presence
Tendril gains a second charge.
Dance with Fate
Reduce the cooldown of Tendril by 0.6-3s.
Elegant Paring
Reduce the Cooldown of Dark Siphon and Obliteration by 0.4-2s after activating Tendril.
What May Come
Reduce the damage you take by 4-20% for 3s after activating Tendril.
A Change of Faith
Reduce the Cooldown of Tendril by 0.6-3s after hitting an enemy with Dark Siphon.
Dark Siphon
Unified in Purpose
Reduce the damage you take by 10% for 1-5s after hitting an enemy with Dark Siphon.
Dark Siphon


This Loadout, as almost every way you play Vora, is centered around combo moves and correct timing. I believe that Relentless Presence is her most viable Legendary, except for some special situations (Unyielding Pressure against 2 Tanks or Deafening Silence against spammy champs like Koga or Evie).
My number one tip is to always poke and not engage face to face at first, as her main damage is dot and the opponent will most likely burst you down first (u might get the kill afterlife but it's usually not worth it).
When engaging a 1v1, throw the Dark Siphon first, because there are cards that reduce it's cooldown (Elegant Paring IV) or benefit from it (A Change Of Fate III and Unified In Purpose I, which is a great filler card to help you start a battle).
My favourite combo, which requires saving both Tendrill charges, is: Engage and throw your Dark Siphon, 1-2 shots, Tendrill to the air and Obliteration down on them, Tendrill away from them and throw Dark Siphon again with more weapon shots. Yes, that's right, you manage to have 2 Dark Siphons in the battle due to Elegant Paring IV, that's why I also have a card that reduces the damage you take and also Dance With Fate IV to be able to use Tendrill more often.
If you have maximum Darkness Stacks and engage a Vivian or a Tyra for example, try to Tendrill towards them and use Obliteration first to get 800 damage, as you wont benefit from Dark Siphon Cripple. Then, you can Tendrill away if you aren't winning the fight, or keep fighting at point blank range.
To conclude, the general tip for this loadout is to recycle your cooldowns by making combos.