Nando in Your Face

by Countlessbugs
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Your Shield has an infinite duration and its Cooldown is reduced by 2s.
Fearless Leader
Reduce your active Cooldowns by 10-50% after getting an Elimination.
Heat Transfer
Reduce the Cooldown of Charge by 0.5-2.5s for every 1000 damage your Shield takes.
Hot Pursuit
Increase your Movement Speed by 8-40% for 3s after hitting an enemy with Fireball.
Reduce the Cooldown of Fireball by 0.4-2s.
Safe Travel
Gain a 150-750-Health Shield for 3s after you use Charge.


After the fire ball nerf we can’t spam fireballs as much, so Nando now needs the “In-Your-Face” style to be an actual threat to your enemies.

Most points have been given to Safe Travel V which gives you 750 Health Shield after dashing. Usually you are bound to take damage dashing into your enemies, so that 750 HP would give you longer time to light up your enemies before you have to deploy the shield and retreat. You would always want to use dash to initiate team fights.

Next key card is Hot Pursuit IV. More speed means more damage, cause your gonna be in their face to use your fire lance. (RIP dragonfire lance tho it’s useless anyways lol) More survivability too, as you can hide behind corners faster. You can never go wrong with speed.

Next one is Heat Transfer III. It gives you 1.5s off your Dash CD for every 1000 dmg your Shield takes at level III. As your Shield now has 5500 HP, your max CD off would be 1.5x5=7.5s once your shield is down. (Lol better be either 5000 HP or 6000 HP, doesn’t match the cards.) 7.5s is usually very sufficient as your shield is usually gonna last 1-2s. You are almost guaranteed a dash reset after the shield is burnt. When retreating that you can do the moonwalk and dash back most of the time, while activating the Safe Travel V again for extra survivability.

Fearless Leader II is just preference. All skills provides him some kind of survivability, and sometimes that ECDR can gives you an extra big shield after eliminating 2 enemies. Pretty valuable to me.

Now that your Fireball CD is 7s and max CDR from the card Incinerate is just 2s, it doesn’t really worth investing that much anymore. Having it at Level I means that your Fireball CD is at 6.6s. It makes sure that most of the time you use Fireball you should not proc the internal CD of Hot Pursuit to get the Speed Boost.

Cauterize is like Nando’s must, but for the start of the round I sometimes start with Chronos I and Rejuvenate I. Chronos I can help bring down all of his CD and it’s cheaper now too. Fireball CD would be 5.94s after Chronos I, which is right about the same as ICD it Hot Pursuit.

For talents I like going Aegis, mainly for its 2s CDR of shield. Though rarely useful, sometimes its infinite duration can help you get out of situations where most ppl on the field is dead and ur low against 1 enemy. If he can’t burn your shield fast enough, you may sometimes proc Dash twice with Hot Pursuit.