Octavia - Hell or High Water build + deck + guide

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Hell or High Water
Upon landing with the Commanding Leap ability create a small pool underneath you that will heal both you and allies for 600 health over 1.5s. Octavia's ammo is not consumed while standing inside of this field.
Air Supremacy
Reduce damage taken by 5-25% for 2.5s after activating Commanding Leap.
New Boots
Reduce the Movement Speed penalty of Designated Sights by 20-100%.
Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.
Getting Jumpy
Reset the Cooldown of Commanding Leap after dropping to or below 10-50% Health.
Determined Defense
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.


Under normal circumstances I'd recommend going for the Commanders Credit Passive, since it can give you and your team the upper hand on the items. Though if your team consists of rather defensive Champions that are better at taking damage than dealing it Commanders Cooldown might be the better option, so you can spam your abilities more. Hell or High Water is usually the best Talent to run with Octavia, simply because you can heal yourself in a pinch, especially when the enemy team had one or two flanks, who push you, thats also where Air Supremacy IV comes into play since the combination of 20% DR upon landing + 600 HP regeneration + infinite Ammo for 1.5 seconds makes it surprisingly easy to deal with most flanks. New Boosts is an absolute MUST have in any Octavia build, at the very least at level 2, so you dont turn yourself into a sitting duck that even a blind strix could no-scope ( it also makes strafing way easier) , I put it at level 4 in this build, so I can have almost no movement-penalty. Getting Jumpy IV is in the build in case you get low and have to retreat quickly, though its also pretty useful in a duel with the enemy flank in case you need another small burst of healing. Quick tip if possible try to duel the flanker in a room with a low ceiling, so you can jump and land quickly to get the benefits of Hell or High Water and Air Supremacy IV. The second to last card is Interdiction II because Octavia is one of very few, maybe even the only champion who needs more ammo per magazine since the default 12 bullets ain't gonna cut it. I'd recommend to have it at level 2 or 3, so you can keep pressure on the ememy tanks and DPS after your done with the tanks' shield. Lastly is a filler this is really just personal preference, I put Determined Defense I here, simply because I like to have that tiny bit of extra health.

For Items I would generally recommend:
- Nimble (if possible get the first two levels with the 450 starting credits)
- Haven
- Veteran
- Moral Boost, since Octavia's Ultimate is pretty good at zoning people off the point

- Wrecker if the enemy team has big shields e.g. Fernando, Fortify Barik, Fortress breaker Ash, etc.

- Illuminate, Resilience, if needed

- I'd only recommend buying Deft Hands if you dont know what to spent your credits on

General Tips for Octavia:

- Try to stay at mid range, where your DPS is better than most other Damagers and flanks

- If you can rotate/reposition whenever you have your Commanding Leap ready

- Its okay to be slightly on the flank if it means that you can shoot from an unexpected angle, but don't wander to far into the enemy back line, keep in mind you are NOT a flank and you can use your movement ability two times in a row at best

- if the enemy flank pushes you, dont try to scope, you'll only make it harder for you to hit them and easier for them to hit you, use the hip fire instead, normally you should have 14-18 rounds to fire, even if not every shot hits, they still deal 250 DMG and you can fire up to 7 of these 250-damage-projectiles per second, resulting in a maximum DPS of ~1700.

- before your first game go into the shooting range and warm up for 5-10 minutes especially the spamming of the hip fire.