Octavia level 1 build

by McPetey(PSN)
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Hell or High Water
Upon landing with the ability Commanding Leap create a small pool underneath you that will heal both you and allies for 1.5s. Octavia's ammo is not consumed while standing inside of this field.
Air Supremacy
Reduce damage your taken by 5-25% for 2.5s after activating Commanding Leap.
New Boots
Reduce the Movement Speed penalty of Designated Sights by 20-100%.
Fire and Maneuver
Increase your Movement Speed by 6-30% for 2.5s after getting a Killing Blow or Elimination.
Clean Shots
Reduce your weapon recoil by 20-100% while using Commanding Leap.
High Ground
Increase the jump strength of Octavia's Commanding Leap by 5-25%.


This build is for using that first talent, which I didn’t care for very much at first— but the damage resistance in the air at 20% from Air Supremacy works very well with the heal from Hell or High Water.

40% recoil reduction from Clean Shots makes it even easier to land her shots while airborne, and the damage reduction makes it feel a little less worthless. But it is very important to time Octavias hover so that you are not a super easy target. Also don’t bump your noggin when you’re hoppin, it’s a big waste..

An extra 10% jump height from High Ground doesn’t seem like much, but the extra reach is pretty helpful on most siege maps. And as added bonus it helps keep you farther from the enemy team when you are floating with your damage resistance and recoil reduction.

The New Boots and Fire and Maneuver cards help make your overall movement feel much better and although it doesn’t negate likely having to pick up nimble, being able to actually move while shooting makes her so much less clunky.