Offensive - Best DPS/TANK Build

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Storm of Bullets
Your weapon fires 40% faster and has 10 more rounds, but deals 25% less damage per shot.
Martial Law
Activating Commander's Grab generates 4-20 ammo.
Gain 150-750 Health.
Gain 4-20% Lifesteal.
Eliminations reduce your active Cooldowns by 8-40%.
Never Surrender!
Reduce the cooldown of Battle Shout by 1-5s.


Hello Guys,

I made this build because of khans buff in 1.0b patch so i think he will get in meta so here's guide.

Storm of Bullets main thing of this build this build will not work without that LC 

"Bloodthirst V" this card gives us more sustain and buffs our Legendary Card (LC)

"Never Surrender V" self insta healing and immunity is very strong side of khan so this card must be on cd to use it frequently.

"Lifetaker III" CD card buffs our Battle Shout and Commanders Grab so we must get this card for more sustain and more ability spam .

"Platemail I" Maximum Health growth 4150 of course good.

"Martial Law I" we have to finish what we started.



  1. Haven,Blast,Illuminate or Resilience (depending on enemy teams CC,Direct Damage,Area Damage or Stealth Champions Like Strix,Skye and Seris)
  2. Morale Boost,Nimble or Chronos (dependig on enemy team, if they have tanks like Inara.Terminus or Torvald we must take Morale Boost to spam our Ult, also it depends on Map. Nimble when enemy team got mobile champions. Chronos When u just have to heal yourself frequently then go forward and chase enemy)
  3. Rejuvenate or Life Rip (if u are not going to chase enemy u must get Rejuvenate but if u are going to chase enemy so Life Rip for Self Sustain and boosting our legendary card "BLOODTHIRST V"
  4. Cauterize or Wrecker (most time u have to get Cauterize because your fighter must get Wrecker but if no u have to take Wrecker, also i take Wrecker when Torvald is in Enemy Team)


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  • Regards, FR3NEX [Diamond]