Powerfull Frontline Sup. Deck

by KruxisIO
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Life Link
Guardian Spirit] [Guardian Spirit
Broken Deity
Increase Luna's deploy range by 20-100%.
Guardian Spirit
Feral Strength
Increase Luna's Health by 200-1000.
Guardian Spirit
Restored Faith
Heal for 10-50 every time you Heal an ally with Moonlight.
Celestial Body
Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
Sanctum of Faith
Regenerate 1-5% Moonlight every 1s while not using Moonlight.


Heyo, I'm KruxisIO and as my name is already telling, I am an IO main.
I will introduce you to my playstyle, created deck and which perks i buy depending
on the situation. This is my main deck for quite a long time now.
Usually i get around 15-X-30 with 50-90k DMG and 40-70k Heal.
Now without further ado, let's jump right into it.

Why is it important you may ask. Well obviously the deck
is finetuned the way it suits my playstyle and if you are not that experienced
in the game you might get some trouble using the full potential of this deck.
And I don't think I'm already using it's full potential :D

My movement is rather hyperactive. I am running left-right up-down and jump a lot.
I am used to that quick playstyle and it makes many things a lot easier.
Maybe i should stop jumping tho.... but it is so much fun :c

I am quick in transitioning between an offensive and defensive playstyle.
Usually i back off a bit and pull my Fox(it's a Wolf for me) into the backline to protect it
and wait for a regroup. When we are regrouped and about to push the spot i throw my Wolf
in the middle of the spot or even into an enemy group. While doing that i move from the backline
to the midline. That way i got a good 360° on my teammates. If we are winning the Teamfight
i will transition into the frontline, either by move and shoot or doing a 180° turn and
lunar leap into/behind the enemy. You can also send your Wolf ahead before doing the leap.

When the enemy team is completely blocked off and charging in 1 by 1 because... "reasons",
I pull the Wolf away from the spot into one of their entrances. That way i can delay their push
and get a lot of solo kills. But that is more of a personal favor.

Of course i am healing as well. :D
There is no playstyle or a strat for that.
If your teammate is low or half life, or in a break after a teamfight,
either use your Wolf wise to heal him or hold moonlight.
That's it. :D

About the ultimate. Havn't figured out a PERFECT SITUATION to use it now.
Sometimes i pull the enemys out of the map, sometimes i pin 3-4 enemys
into a corner so my team can go full burst damage. Really depends on the situation.

I usually focus on the squishys. So kinessa or Mal'Damba. But when they are out of reach
i kill turrets, preasure the tank and whatso ever. Basically i shoot everything that moves.


Finally we arrive at the part which is interessting.
I will go through the cards and why i've choosen them.

Broken Deity + 1
    - Increases your Deploy range by 20% which makes it easier to enter combat or heal mates.
Feral Strenght + 5
    - Grants Luna additional 1.125 health mich make Luna stand groupfights.
      With that Luna is like a 6th player. This card is important.

Restored Faith + 5
    - Heals you for 50 points everytime your moonlight ticks. A good tactic with that
      is to heal your wolf constantly while frontlining.
Celestial Body + 2
    - Increases your maximum health by 100
Sanctum of Faith + 2
    - Grants 2% moonlight every second you don't use it
Alternatively:  Lunar Connection + 2
    - Reduces Luna's depoytime by 2.4 seconds which gives you more mobility.
Most rounds i start off with Nimble and Haven. After the first death i get Life Rip.
Liferip is important for me personally because i deal around 60-90k damage a game
which ends up in tons of health which safe me. For example on Rank 3 every shot
gains me 132 health. EVERY 0,6s.
Then i end it up with EITHER Deft Hands for my arrows OR when the enemy has strong healers
i go for Cauterize instead since it blocks 25-75% of the incoming heal for 1.5 seconds as long
as i hit the target.

This wraps it up for my deck explaination. I hope you enjoy it, if you like it, please upvote it
if not, downvote of course =) If you have any ideas or things to point out, feel free
to add me on Discord "Kruxis#8267" and we will chat about it.

Thanks for reading so far, here is a Cookie you deserve it. <3 (.;)