SEEDLINGS EEEVERYWHERE - other builds are doodoo

by Mootie
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Increased the damage of each seedling by 350 and reduce their fuse time by 25%.
Just Believe!
Eliminations reduce active cooldowns by 10-50%
Reduce the Cooldown of Seedling by 0.5-2.5s if you hit an enemy with Seedling.
Activating Seedling generates 1-5 Ammo.
Gain 50-250 Health.
Gain 8-40% Movement Speed when Out of Combat.


Basics: Willo is a squishy DPS with a very fun kit (probably my favorite out of all the champions) and great potential for solid damage. Her attacks explode when hitting an enemy or surface, making her attacks very forgiving and easy to land if you're aim is not so hot. With that said, her basic attacks may appear weak at times if the missile doesn't make a direct hit, so you should still aim for the head as much as possible. Depending on the situation, aiming at a wall close to your target, the ground, or their feet may be the better, more reliable option; this works best for targets that are difficult to hit, stealthed, or when multiple enemies can be hit if the shot lands in the right spot. What you will want to do is stay moving while always maintaining an advantageous and/or safe position that allows you to easily land your Seedling and Deadzone, as well as throwing some basics as often as possible, but also side stepping behind cover just before or after taking damage and when reloading. It's sometimes a good idea to move around the map to poke from different angles, but it's almost always a much better idea to stay with the team since teamwork is usually the key to victory, not to mention yummy heals never hurt.

Ability tips: Focus on landing Seedling as often as possible. It's very powerful and has a fairly low cooldown. Don't forget to use Deadzone on the tank, groups of enemies, or near you for a quick speed buff when needed (if you take that card). Don't be afraid to use Flutter as you see fit, though I try to save it for ledges, gaps, and escaping. As for the Ultimate, it's situational as ****. Sometimes, especially on very open maps, it can be very powerful; while many other times it's nearly, if not completely, useless. I can't really explain when or how to use the ult as it all depends on circumstance and personal experience; although I can say for certain you should NEVER EVER use it in the middle of combat, near enemies, or in a small space, because I guarantee it'll turn you into a sitting duck. You'll be killed before you can even say DADDY, much less finish the ultimate's callout.

Item tips: Always, always take Kill to Heal as it's by far the most useful since it triggers off not only kills but eliminations as well. I usually take Chronos next, followed by Deft Hands if enemy heals or shields are not an issue, leaving the defensive item as situational of course. [Side note for healers: Healing now grants eliminations whenever allies who were recently healed by you get a kill, making Kill to Heal extremely powerful IMO.]

Loadout tips: Just Believe V, Sprouts IV, Germination IV. The last two are optional, however IMO most of the remaining cards are pretty useless. I would still recommend going with Flora I & Fauna I, or swapping either or both with Flitter I, Hummingbird I, or Shenanigans I, according to your preference. If they ever allow us to have a few extra points to allocate, I'd probably add an upgraded Nectar with this build just for keks.

Disclaimer: I am well aware that I am not exactly the best player, nor am I great. I have several things in my life that affect my ability to play some video games, specifically aiming in shooters. This doesn't mean I can't enjoy the game and have fun nor does it mean I am incapable of understanding certain mechanics in this game. I also never said I was terrible or bad at Paladins, either. TBH I would say I am at least average to above average, with both good and bad days. Some days I'll play like a pro and other days I'm just not feeling it or can't focus. That said, I'm very confident this build is absolutely golden and easily stomp enemy teams if played correctly in the right hands.