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Oppressor Mines can now affect 2 more targets and Sniper Shots against enemies affected by Mines deal 30% more damage.
Oppressor Mine
Increase the beam range of Oppressor Mines by 20-100%
Oppressor Mine
Increase your movement speed while scoped by 25-125%
Sniper Mode
True Grit
Hitting an enemy with a fully charged shot heals you for 75-375.
Sniper Mode
Enemies affected by Oppressor Mines receive 16-80% less healing.
Oppressor Mine
Quick Scope
Reduce the time it takes to scope in and scope out by 20-100%
Sniper Mode


This build is best for onslaught or stages where this is enough open room for you to snipe. I would not recommend this build for places like bright marsh (basically stages with a ceiling.)
The mines are integral to this build which focuses on using the increased sniper dmg given by the mines and the antiheal + dmg from the mines to finish opponents off.
Illuminates is situational but probably one of the best cards for this build since it allows you to easily notice Skye, Strix or Sha lin.
Haven should be bought if there are no stealth characters on the opposing team
Chronos is the best card for this build since it allows you to use teleporter faster and throw more mines
The rest of the cards are situational
The basis of this build is to constant snipe and place mines. True grit helps with this since it heals you for every fully charged shot.
True grit can be exchanged with one of the teleporter cards like beam me up, or restore depending on the user's preference.