Solo-support build

by Ryner
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Ripened Gourd
Your Gourd no longer damages enemies, but it Heals for twice as much.
Mending Spirits
Many Gourds
Reduce the Cooldown of Gourd by 0.5-2.5s.
Reduce your damage taken by 4-20% while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits
Eerie Presence
Reduce the Cooldown of Mending Spirits by 0.5-2.5s if you miss.
Mending Spirits
Ritual Magic
Heal for 15-75 every 1s while Healing an ally with Mending Spirits.
Mending Spirits
Swift Spirits
Increase the Movement Speed of allies affected by Mending Spirits by 5-25%.
Mending Spirits


Hi there, welcome to Mal'Damba guide, this one as it is all about providing as much healing as you can, with some utility in order to win.

His decks unfortunatelly doesn't change much between talents and builds, however the points can be changed a lot depending on your team comp and gamemode.

This build can be run the same way with Spirit's Chosen talent, the Eerie Presence card is pretty much obligatory to run in every deck, between 3-5 points to it depending on how good at aiming you are, you want Many Gourds card to top-off tank or heal backline dmg, 4-5 points to make it worth, only reducing points if there are no tanks in your team or on TeamDeathmatch.

Now for the remaining 3 cards is where you can choose what you want in general, as this build is mostly around trying to heal point tank while keeping yourself alive and provide a little help for flanks as well, the 10% movement speed with Mending Spirits ability is honest and can be used pre-fight, Ritual Magic is quite a weak self-healing card, but it goes well with Possession card and remember that you have Gourd to self-heal as well.

This said Possession card is the most important especially as solo support, flanks and snipers are looking out for you and this card is the one that can save you from dying in 1 sec or getting 1-shot by Kinessa, dmg reduction cards are useful though the entire match as it's not affected by any items unlike healing, this card you want 3-5 points into it because of that.

Now for Items, you want Chronos as first buy always, this is imperative to provide healing and keep Possession Card protecting you as much as you can, Gourd being mainly for Frontline as you also lookout to other teammates to use Mending Spirits.

As 2nd item you have 4 options: Deft Hands, Illuminate, Resilience, Haven, Blast Shields.
Deft Hands is when there's no pressure on you so you can stun to make easier picks for your team.
Illuminate is when Skye and/or Shalin on the enemy team, you want this item as they're going to dive on you eventually.
Resilience is when there's 2-3 champions with CC talents or ultimates(maybe knockback from Ash or Bomb King on open maps), you need this card to not get so much punished for being out of position.
Haven you're going to buy this eventually, but you want this epecially when the hitscan dmg classes are melting your team, this item + Possession card gives enemy snipers a harder time to put you down.
Blast Shields is same as Haven but it's when at least 2 champions have splash dmg.
For 3rd item you may want: said items above, Nimble or Master Riding.
Nimble: the simple extra movement speed helps in pretty much everything as you want to keep vision of your team, run away, get in position, sneak a few attacks to finish someone off, just easier time with everything you've been doing.
Master Riding is very important to Frontline, and this item helps you to keep up with them, gets a lot of value at the start of the round or when you're pushing the payload, becomes even more important in ranked matches.
For 4th item is well, any item mentioned that seems needed for the match, other items I don't reccomend much as you're not going to be the one doing the initiative 90% of the time, remaining 10% is when you have the ultimate to save someone or saw a huge opening to throw ults in.