Speed Heal

by AmazingGabriel16
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Rend Soul Stuns enemies for 1.5s when they are afflicted with 4 Soul Charges.
Rend Soul
Umbral Gait
Your Movement Speed is increased by 8-40% while any enemy is marked with a Soul Orb stack.
Dark Whisper
Increase your Movement Speed by 8-40% while Shadow Travel is active.
Shadow Travel
Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.6-3s.
Shadow Travel
Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by 10-50%.
Shadow Travel
Fade to Black
Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by 0.8-4s after activating Restore Soul.
Restore Soul


Before we start, please note that the legendary card Agony is interchangeable and can be changed to match your desired playstyle. Agony is used here as to help escape by stunning opponents at which we can then easily escape by going into the abyss.

This deck is mostly dependent on Shadow Travel and is intended for an agressive gameplay style with the ability to flank and help the point tank take down other point tanks using Agony.

To use this deck is simple, stay around your point tank, heal your point tank and keep healing until another point tank or enemy attacking your point tank comes. You can then go into the Abyss using Shadow Travel and flank the enemy's tank or enemy attacking your tank. Applying 4 soul charges and dentonating them to stun the enemy you can quickly heal your tank (and anybody near the tank) to balance the damage done by the enemy towards your tank and others around them. Thanks to the Fade To Black card, your Shadow Travel will be reduced by 4 seconds after healing (Restore Soul) and you will be able to get back behind the frontline and safely continue to heal the tank until its is safe to flank again or if you have Kill To Heal (which I strongly suggest for this deck, obtainable from the game store), you will be able to regain health after healing and your teamates getting a kill which means you will get an elimination and get healed. From there your health will be brought back to the top and your Shadow Travel reduced, you can flank any other enemies you choose.